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SD Card Reader Problems

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#1 Frank


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 16:21

I have a Acer TravelMate 4500 laptop with a SD card reader built in but I have some problems with it reading certain SD cards. A 512MB SD card works and a 2GB MICro SD card in a adapter works without any problems.

I bought a Connect 3D 4GB SD card for my phone and my camera. It works fine in both devices but when I put it in the Acer I get the following error message.

Location is not available
E:\ is not accessible.

Incorrect function.

I also have a Corsair 2GB Mini SD card that I cannot get to work in the reader. When I plug it in it says the device is not formatted. When I try and format it it tells me the device cannot be formatted. Again this card works in other devices.

Anyone have any idea what is wrong with the card reader in the Acer?

#2 snyper


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 16:23

ive seen this too with an SD card that i use in my Nokia phone, i posted it here a good while ago.

Its a compatibility issue if i remember..

#3 Mindovermaster


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 16:32

isn't this the incapability of drive letters? change the card's drive letter to a letter you dont use, like "w" or "q"

#4 OP Frank


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 17:21

I dont use E:/ on my laptop.

#5 Fahim S.

Fahim S.

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Posted 25 April 2007 - 20:15

Are you sure your Acer supports SDHC cards?

#6 zeroday



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Posted 25 April 2007 - 22:14

Check you havent set a password via your phone on the card. I did that once, I only realized after 3 months why my mmc card never worked with my laptop reader.

#7 redeemed


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Posted 25 April 2007 - 22:20

The card might be corrupted. It might be a factory fault.

#8 ccuk


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Posted 26 April 2007 - 00:17

Are you sure your Acer supports SDHC cards?

You hit the nail on the head with this...

If it is 4GB then it must be an SDHC card, and these aren't fully compatible with all SD card readers unfortunately.

As for the mini SD, it could just be the same issue.

#9 zivan56


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Posted 26 April 2007 - 00:22

You can get both SDHC and regular SD version of 4GB cards. However, anything above will have to be SDHC. If your camera supports SDHC, then it is probably not working due to being that type. If it does not, then the Acer card reader has issues...