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What is the Best Way To Learn Speed Typing ?

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#1 georgetok



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Posted 21 January 2008 - 14:20

Hi All,

This is embarrassing but I must face the facts.

I have been using a computer for over 10 years but never learnt to speed type.

I feel so stupid in front of a kid when typing, trying to find every key, even though I am really good when it comes to doing thing in my own profession on a computer

I must learn to speed type & learn fast because I am not so young.
Can you guys help me ?

What is the best way to learn touch typing ?

What software or something else will help me to learn touch typing ( Speed Typing ) fast ?

Money is not a problem but time is ! I am not young but young at heart & want to learn before my young heart slooow......s down.

I will be very grateful for any & all help.

Thank you all & I am grateful to all on this forum. You guys are genius.

Kind Regards.


#2 Merter



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Posted 21 January 2008 - 14:21

First, you must have a terrible memory to not remember the keys after 10 years of use ;)

Second of all, practice, if 10 years wasnt enough, then i'd recommend some of those typing programs. Also try and type without looking at the keys slowly, and you will eventually speed up.

Hope this helps.

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#3 Farstrider


    The Clash

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 14:36

You'll need to get tuition and practice (Typing) programs that you will have to purchase.
Go here and here have a look perhaps this will get you started. Good luck!

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#4 PermaSt0ne


    Neowinian Senior

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Posted 21 January 2008 - 14:36

the only reason i can imagine you haven't learned the keys after 10 years is because you've been "pecking" the keys for 10 years. you need to stop doing that.

put your left 4 fingers on asdf and your right 4 fingers on jkl;. this is "home" position and you'll notice on most keyboard that there's little bumps or notches on the f & j keys; this is so you can put your hands back to "home" position without looking. now go find a letter / magazine / mail-spam or whatever that has lots of words and set it on your desk above / next to your keyboard. now type what you read without looking at the keyboard.

obviously you won't be able to do it very well if you've been pecking all these years, but this is how all the kids learn how to type in my school district; whether it be elementry school or highschool. start out with only one key at a time. that means you will be moving only one finger to hit a key, while your other 7 fingers stay on their home keys. most new people to typing make the mistake of lifting their fingers off the keys or trying to go too fast and then their fingers arn't on the home keys anymore so they have to stop and look down to get them back, and that takes a long time

when you reply to this thread, if you peck, i'm gana slap you :devil: ;)

side-note: i don't' think you need to use software. i learned on my own and i see no reason why software would work better than typing up an article that you are reading. you just need practice

edit: oh and don't worry about typing the numbers (123456 etc) without looking. just peck when you do those. numbers are the hardest to learn so wait untill you can type without looking before you work on numbers

#5 +S_Herbie


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Posted 21 January 2008 - 14:51

You'll need to get tuition and practice (Typing) programs that you will have to purchase.
Go here and here have a look perhaps this will get you started. Good luck!

Good old Mavis Beacon... You may find older versions of this second hand.

There is nothing wrong with "pecking", as long as you can peck at a decent speed and acurately... I use a combination style of "proper" typing and "pecking" that has developed since I first started typing school work on a BBC Micro and Basic progs on my Commodore Plus/4.

#6 capr


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Posted 21 January 2008 - 22:12

My sister Has been GoinG through the Same thing the only way to really Learn is to get on AIM and type away. Since you Know exactly What to say it is easier to speed type after a Short period of time you will pick it up.

also Since it is a Conversation you will Subconsciously you will Start to type faster. also do your best to Not look at the Key board while you type.

#7 Peter Lyon

Peter Lyon


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Posted 21 January 2008 - 22:15

hop onto linux and download some <edit>free</edit> typing games :p

#8 bl4ck5un



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Posted 21 January 2008 - 22:16

Teach yourself, that's what i did. Touch typing 160 wpm at a normal rate.. wouldn't waste your money really.

#9 dragon2611


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Posted 21 January 2008 - 22:20

Msn messenger/forums eventually you'll just sorta end up touch typing.....

Doesn't work to well for learning spelling though, mines awful.