Adobe Flash Lite and Reader LE Licensed by Microsoft

Adobe Systems Incorporated today announced that Microsoft has licensed Adobe® Flash® Lite™ software, Adobe's award-winning Flash Player runtime specifically designed for mobile devices, to enable web browsing of Flash Player compatible content within the Internet Explorer Mobile browser in future versions of Microsoft Windows Mobile phones.

Microsoft has also licensed Adobe Reader® LE software for viewing Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents including email attachments and web content. Both Adobe products will be made available to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide, who license Windows Mobile software.

The Flash Lite 3.x browser plug-in for Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Mobile will provide users with access to rich and interactive web content created using Adobe Flash® technology.

Link: Adobe PressRoom

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(El Sid said @ #4.1)
I'm not an MS fanboy, but I'll still be looking it up. Silverlight being competition will give Flash a reason to keep improving.

Too bad they aren't both just working on different clients for the same format, they are just creating a situation where now you have to run both and your memory footprint will be larger. It's like bluray vs hddvd before, you had to have both if you wanted all your movies in high def.

Actually it's not like that, but it's not like I expect the anti Ms/Silvernight/Gates is the devi/Non-opsen-source crowd to actually see or udnerstand that, that'd be expectign a bit much.

(eilegz said @ #3)
where its silverlight and xps?? microsoft dumping its own products?

Came here to say "cant wait for the 'why is MS not using silverlight instead of flash'" comments but guess you beat me too it... Silverlight is BRAND NEW... Look how long it took them to get flash and acrobat on the device! don't expect them to jump right at it that fast... Including flash doesnt mean they are ditching silverlight... including reader doesnt mean they are ditching XPS.... they are just adding features... give them time...

(eilegz said @ #3)
where its silverlight and xps?? microsoft dumping its own products?

Would it make sense for anyone to offer a browser without Flash support? Flash is pretty commonly used on the web and some sites are built entirely out of Flash. YouTube depends on it and others as well. Who is using Silverlight and XPS?