Apple blocks older versions of Flash Player in Safari

It would appear that, regardless of browser choice, there's a plugin to cause problems. Years ago the primary culprits would have been toolbars, but now it's the turn of Oracle's Java and Adobe Flash Player. If you use either, you'll notice frequent updates to protect against vulnerabilities.

Apple's vulnerability handling has been pretty neat, with the company just blocking the problem. The US government even said to just disable Java. Flash Player is next to be sorted out, with the February 28 update blocking older versions of Adobe's program from working in Safari.

Apple is making this work through OS X's inbuilt Xprotect malware scanner; maybe not an orthodox method, but it's getting results for the company, driving down consumer problems simultaneously. Not everyone knows about Xprotect, and information about it is thin on the ground, but it certainly seems to be flagging outdated software effectively.

As is always the case online, there's some ill feeling about Apple's handling. According to some, they're just playing at being Orwell's Big Brother, limiting access and choice. Whether you're in agreement or not, the update should hopefully safeguard users.

Source: CNET

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Good move by Apple. This is better than staying unprotected and accessing the internet.

With all the Java-based and flash-based exploits, these two culprits need a tight watch by Apple, Microsoft, Google and the likes.

Until HTML5 is capable to replace Adobe Flash as gaming platform. Most games on Facebook now are still powered by Adobe Flash technology.

If you don't need Flash disable/uninstall it. Yes, it's a security risk, always had been though Adobe have invested much more in securing it compared to the horrid Java situation. Sadly, both my VPN client and and applet for digital signatures I use are Java based hence I have to keep it around (and HTML5 won't offer an alternative to that unfortunately).

Its not like toolbars are gone or something. I still encounter them way to much.
Even the more 'technical' minded people usually have 3 different ask jeeves toolbars installed.

I wonder if this also applies to OS X 10.5... Adobe are not updating 10.5 anymore. If users are using the old OS just for web browsing, they are going to be forced to upgrade.

you know what the windows fanboys will say, "how typically apple. stifling users' choices to be infected with malwares."

Why should they say it? It's a good approach what they have taken to prevent and actual "hit" on your computer. And I am an "windows fanboy" as you said it, never used OS X nor any other Mac product but I do find it a pretty neat feature.

Yep, Flash basically is malware, the sooner it gets replaced by HTML5 the better!

Joking aside, this is a good idea. I hope more follow.