Apple creating back-to-front iPod control?

Apple Inc. is looking to patent a design for a handheld device (or iPod) that displays its output on a small front-side display screen but receives input through a larger touch- and force-sensitive back-side interface, AppleInsider has discovered.

In a January 5th, 2007 filing with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the iPod maker notes that increasingly popular hand-held electronics devices like the iPod are typically equipped with a liquid crystal display (LCD), which is often too small to make effective use of finger based touch input.

"Although a touch-screen interface could be embedded in or overlaid on the display, the use of even a single finger for input may occlude a significant portion of the display or cover more than a single operational control element," Apple wrote in the filing. "While this problem could be mitigated by limiting the touch area to a portion of the display screen (e.g., the display edges where horizontal or vertical motion could emulate slider controls), a single finger could still cover a substantial amount of the useful display area."

View: Apple Insider

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mmmh... so far nothing has convinced and amazed me more than the clickwheel to be honest xD
maybe its just me but the clickwheel is just legendary and plain cool and neat to use.
if they wont build the next gen's iPod with a clickwheel ill prolly buy a 5.5gen iPod xD

Glassed Silver:mac

Didn't they already patent somehting like that with the iphone?!

anyway... seems to me like they are attempting to patent a generic concept/idea rather than a design/technology

for ppl who say it's posted... who cares!... not everyone reads every other news source ever.....

but back to the topic..... this looks interesting.. I can personally touch type... could be a new way to use that skill

Doesnt this kind of confirm that they where making alpha versions with full screen touch controls? they had to of to of come to the conclsion that a finger could be a problem in that case... they just dont assume that with out testing it out

Not that I normally defend Neowin, but this news was posted first by Apple Insider 21 hours ago. Thats not really that long. If you look on Google News you'll also see that they appear to be the first to publish it.