Apple WWDC tickets sell out in under 2 minutes

Tickets for Apple's WWDC event, where they are expected to launch the next iPhone, sold out in less than two minutes. Apple put the tickets up at 10 A.M PDT, costing $1,500 for a week's worth of developer-related content. 

Previously, tickets to WWDC sold out in under five minutes and this year is a new record. In 2011, tickets took 12 hours to sell out. 2012 WWDC tickets took around 2 hours to sell out, so this is a staggering achievement. Google's developer event, I/O, sold out in 49 minutes

As developer Will Stratfach notes, WWDC 2013 actually sold out in 1 minute and 40 seconds: 

Many developers were annoyed that WWDC tickets sold out so quickly, having not secured places at the event. However, it is estimated that Apple netted $8.9 million from ticket sales, or $89,000 per second. 

WWDC 2013 runs from June 10th to June 14th. 

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I'm not really an Apple person, except I acknowledge the beauty of the 27" Aluminum iMac. However, I am interested in WWDC this year. iOS 7, with the state of Android & WP8, I'm definitely open to going back to iPhone and iPad if Apple has something interesting to offer.

Maybe I just think like a salesperson, but what's the point of having a price at all if it's really just for a developer learning experience? At $1,500 it definitely seems like they're making a profit off of it and not just covering fees (though I don't know) and that's low enough of a price to easily become sold out quickly as shown here. I've always thought that when there's a limited selection of seating, it's natural to raise the prices to the right point so that it's still filled but others who would be willing to purchase for that price don't get left out. Kinda like how sports works...

We need some analysis of the icon, they always use relevant promo material with clues etc.. this tells me iOS is going to be different, flatter ui's, maybe a complete overhaul? they have ditched their usual font as well, or maybe multiple iphone colours?

Looking forward to hear about how wonderful OS X 10.9 is and how my "old" mid-2009 MBP will somehow drop off the supported hardware list. /

This will be the first major release of iOS where only iPhones with retina displays are supported and I'm hoping that the new UI facelift that is rumored will take full advantage of this.

The logo is an obvious hint to what is to come. Its going to be all about bright colors and a more customizable ui. My guess this is going to be the most unapple event in apple history.

How is it "unapple"? iPods have colors, I could easily see the phones jumping on board with the speculated cheaper models in an set of colors just the same.

dead.cell said,
How is it "unapple"? iPods have colors, I could easily see the phones jumping on board with the speculated cheaper models in an set of colors just the same.

He is guessing that Apple will alow more customizations as well as more colors. Which Apple has not been known to allow many customization/UI changes to their OS.

dead.cell said,
How is it "unapple"? iPods have colors, I could easily see the phones jumping on board with the speculated cheaper models in an set of colors just the same.

Your right they have had juicy colors since the iMac, and techbeck is pretty close to what I was thinking. By unapple they are probably going to through some interesting curveballs our way. UI customization is the big one and designs that probably won't feel apple-y. The recent iPod touches and nanos kinda make me feel that a new designer is doing the work.

I hope so. The only thing I've heard is a change in UI to be more of a flat interface, but otherwise that iOS 7 was going to be rather "conservative". We'll see I guess, but I hope that not to be true.

How many tickets were available?

Never mind, I did the math. Good chunk of change.

Google's event may have sold out a little quicker (still probably not close to Apple) if they didnt have issues purchasing tickets...tho, less that 2min is impressive for the amount of tickets sold.

maxslaterrobins said,
How many tickets were available for I/O?

Well, if I did the math correct....9,000,000 (rounded up) total earned divided by 1500 per ticket is 6000 tickets sold.

maxslaterrobins said,
That's WWDC...

Doh! Sorry, miss read. Not sure about I/O. The link in the OP didnt specify. But would be harder to calculate since students were only charged $300 compared to $900 for everyone else. So would need to know the amount of students compared to regulars to determine it (which would basically tell you the total tickets). doesnt specify a total amount earned either.

Google IO and WWDC are both held in the same building (Moscone West). It's probably reasonable to assume they have similar attendance numbers.