Asus unveils their N20A notebook

When looking at the N20A it can mislead, and make you think it is just another Asus Eee PC. After taking a good look, it is obvious that they have no connection, fortunately for the market, which is getting a bit stuffy for all of the netbooks right now.

This is pretty much a complete notebook, with impressive hardware, with a small 12.1" WXGA screen. In this tiny package, the N20A packs the full potential of a Core 2 Duo platform while its little brother, the A10, uses the Intel Atom. The list of processors is quite satisfying: Intel Core 2 Duo P9400, P8600, P7350 or T5850.

The GPU used is the Intel X4500HD, on a GM45 Express chipset. This is a very nice combination with the processors, especially if you are a HD addict. You can use the HDMI port to send the picture to a bigger TV screen, if you find the 12.1" screen is not big enough. The hard drives available in this model are 160, 250 or 320GB, all 2.5", spinning at 5400RPM. The amount of RAM memory that can fit in N20A is 4GB in 2 x SODIMM sockets. Battery optionals include 2600, 4200 or 7800 mAh versions. An approximate weight of this device is about 1.85 kilograms with the smallest 3-cell battery.

The laptop includes CD/DVD burner, eSATA, mini D-Sub, 8-in-1 card reader, 3x USB ports, webcam, and a number of other hardware and software extras that can make your life a lot easier. Unfortunately the notebook lacks any firewire ports. For a wireless connection a v2.0 Bluetooth + EDR, Intel Wireless WiFi Link 5100 ABGN and in some regions a 3/3.5G antenna are included.

Prices start at $1000.

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I don't know what are the pffs about. Intel Atom does its job where there is a need for them. This is not a place for using atom, the N10 series is. This uses C2D.

ChrisJ1968 said,
intel atom chips. pfft!

Um, this one uses the mobile Core 2 Duo line. So take your pfff and apply it elsewhere, please.

hrmm interesting lil thing bit more powerful than their EEE line, plenty of features and okay price tag for a small device, half the price of sony equivalents just about. Good job with the article too Webwolf, nice to see some links etc

Oh boy, lack of Firewire is going to incur the wrath of all 10 people who need it in a notebook. Just kidding about the 10 people part LOL! With everything else on it and a $1000+ price tag, why could they not spring for a Firewire port? Wouldn't overprice the notebook one bit.