AT&T new TOS kills off streaming, Skype and Hulu

AT&T has altered its terms of service to kill off any type of high bandwidth applications. In a nutshell the new TOS will not allow you to use your Slingbox, Skype, or watch Hulu using AT&T's mobile data services.

AT&T states "downloading movies using P2P file sharing services, customer initiated redirection of television or other video or audio signals via any technology from a fixed location to a mobile device, web broadcasting, and... any applications that tether the device... to Personal Computers or other equipment."

We will all have to wait and see how AT&T goes about enforcing these new rules. They could use Verizon's method where users are capped at 5 gigabytes and anything over that can get your service terminated. As the internet becomes more bandwidth heavy it's the networks that are inhibiting progress and not the technology.

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Wow, thanks a lot ATT for putting US cellphone service back into the stone age. I can see why serivce in Asian "just works" ha!

Can I have a link please. I would like to see it in writing.

I just don't see how a AT&T can shoot them its self in the foot like this. If they have any plans to compete with Sprint, it wouldn't have even tired to put this out there. Just goes to show that CEO's with no common sense are EVERYWHERE......

This is ridiculous. I just got a Nokia N79 both for me and my wife and we both use them to connect to the net on our laptops when we're away from home or just chilling at the park. I hope they only put restrictions on the devices they sell since all the phones I buy are always unlocked and usually ones that most US operators don't carry.

Seriously, what's the point of my brand new N79 being able to connect at 3.5G speed (they even have the stupid 3G fire logo on their SIM cards) if I am limited as to what I can do. I use Skype on my phone to talk to my parents overseas who also have Skype and even at home I prefer to use my mobile rather than be stuck on the computer talking since it's so much more convenient.

I travel a lot. I used to a a Win Mobile phone, and I used to tether it to my laptop. Soon i got an iPhone. The one feature that bothered me most of all was the lack of tethering capabilities. Then, just last month, I hear that the 3.0 software will most likely be able to do this. Then, I read that AT&T is killing off tethering. Now I'm angry.

"any applications that tether the device... to Personal Computers or other equipment"

I guess MobileMe and iPhone must part ways now on AT&T, then?

No they just will restrict or block those features from being used. The new tethering feature shown in the iPhone 3.0 rom will most likely be disabled on AT&T iPhones.

Jailbreakers will hope that AT&T can't detect tethering (which they might be able to do with usage patterns or the like) as AT&T would reserve the right to boot them off if caught.

Man, this is crazy!! This is really gonna p*** most people off! Also, is it true that in the US, operators charge for receiving text messages?

And the irony is that text messages cost NOTHING to send. They were DESIGNED to travel in the normal handshaking packets going to and from the cell phone and the cell towers. Whether you have any text in there or not is irrelevant...they get sent anyway...constantly...entirely free to them. No, I'm not kidding.

Service providers are just that - service providers! Take a look around at the global economy and you'll not be surprised that greed is doing everything it can to prevent the weakening of its grip on everyone's pockets especially in the US. Yes Guardian - in the US the companies charge for incoming texts. That's just the way it is!

Nothing can beat 30.00 a month for unlimited data etc. Just dont be upset when they tell you no Palm Pre unless you change your plan

thealexweb said,
At the end of the day is your phone company allowed to decided what you can and can't use your phone for.

It's a good question - there are of course two sides to the story, but it certainly seems that in this case it's rather more on the "unfair to the consumer" side.

And, of course, what exactly is the point of something like 3G mobile Internet access if you're not going to watch something that needs that speed?! It sure as heck isn't needed for email and texting, ahem.

I think Net Neutrality provisions would apply here.

And boy are all those massively overcharged iPhone users going to be ****ed...

Doli said,
You forgot to put that this is for their wireless services.

Agree the info posted here implies there DSL service... when it's there mobile internet.

I thought all mobile plans were capped at 5GB. If that is so, then probably no one is going to watch any streaming anything anyway. If I understand, this is just for mobile plans and not land lines.

babyHacker said,
I thought all mobile plans were capped at 5GB.

Here in Italy my plan allow me to use up to 5 gigs per day...

dimithrak said,
Until i saw this.. i really liked AT&T.. this **** ****es me off.. ****ing retards!

I've NEVER "really liked AT&T". Care to explain that to us???

this is BS. this is gonna **** off a lot of customers... like ME! cant watch streaming videos online is just blows.