Bill Gates talks health care, Microsoft and Steve Jobs on 'Colbert Report' [Update]

Bill Gates called his time at Microsoft "phenomenally fun" and said Steve Jobs "was always cooler than me."

"The Colbert Report" just aired its interview with Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, addressing topics such as worldwide health, his life after Microsoft and Steve Jobs.

Most of the interview focused on Gates' work with his foundation and what it's done for health care in the developing world. When asked by host Stephen Colbert about the progress of health care around the world – particularly developing countries – in recent years, Gates touted the gradual eradication of polio.

"Polio was down to 250 cases in the entire world [last year]," Gates told Colbert. "So within the next six years we'll get it down to zero, and it'll become the second disease to ever be eradicated."

Upon being questioned about his foundation's work in the United States, Gates said it focuses on education because of he and his wife's experiences growing up in the U.S. – "We're incredibly thankful for all the help we had [educationally] to allow us to be successful," he said.

On the topic of his life after Microsoft, Gates said he's slowed down in recent years, no longer spending time staying up all night, although he noted he still has a passion for math. Despite the change of pace, however, Gates said his time at Microsoft was "phenomenally fun" and "the coolest thing I could have done."

Colbert ended the interview by asking Gates about his public persona compared to that of Steve Jobs, who Colbert said was known for being a "cool guy." Gates agreed that Jobs "was always cooler than me" but noted that was simply Jobs' style – something that wouldn't have been the same coming from himself.

"He was brilliant. He had his own style, his own approach," Gates said of Jobs. "Mine is, I guess, a little geekier than his was."

Update: Video of the interview has been uploaded to Comedy Central's website and can be seen below.

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Time for some passion. One of the main things I hate about talk show host and journalists who get a chance to speak with Bill, always have to ask him something about Steve Jobs. Why? You are never going to get Gates to say anything bad about Jobs, though Jobs would jump on the opportunity in a second. Gates is always a class act. Jobs is a dog, a bigot, a liar and a cunning double speaking coward.

Stop asking Gates about his fortune. He doesnt care about being labelled richest man in the world. He doesnt care about money. What he does care about is the great things he can do with it. I applaud him for what he has done.

For the cons? This host at least finally asked him the question I always wanted to asked Gates if I ever could meet him in recent years. Why help all these other countries when we have plenty of problems at home. As I figured he kinda skated the answer.

Bill, my message to you is simple. The vast majority of Microsoft fortune, which you enjoy as Co-Founder of the company is based on the USA buying the biggest majority of your products. Outside of Europe, the USA in the 80's and 90's were pretty much the only countries who could afford to buy computers that ran Windows/Office. Yes help our educational system, but what about some of the other problems? There are ppl here that need food and shelter. Why not build a huge campus for homeless people and make them contribute by giving them jobs on the campus.

Our public school system really could use a monetary jolt. We have Children's Hospitals here as well that could also use some help with dealing with ailments. What about a program to help the kids who's families cant afford expensive surgeries. At least in the USA, you'd get tax credits. We helped you and I feel you turned your back on us as in USA.

you should really go travel the world, first there are other foundations created for that, second its not bill gates fault that the US government prefers to spend money on weapons and military stuff, they waste billions of dollars because of the stupid things they did in the past so now certain people hate America for that. so its the government who should take care of people, these foundations are created to help people who live in vast poverty with no opportunities and no other choice than to wait for death,.
Educate yourself not only what they teach you on school or college, learn to be humble and appreciate what you have, cause others dont even have clean water to drink.

The US should get their collective ass in motion already. A broken and stagnating political system, a 'we are the world' bubble so big they have no clue Europe is a much bigger and stronger force in the world except for military where they are very good at wasting billions and billions of $$ that could be much better spent for oh.. ehhm helping the needy back home. The US generates more then enough money to be able to provide for their own, but choose not to. So why should Bill care? Hell, why should I??

The US can't even get a half decent healthcare system going and when someone even whispers 'gun control' redneck populations screams murder 'we need full auto assault rifles to protect ourselves'

get real.. open your eyes and get your government to help you before you point fingers at people who have become rich by working very, very hard and being very smart as well..

Polio down to 250 cases, it's a shame he's not splashing his cash on cancer cures, but I suppose it's his money and he can do what he likes, but polio seems a waste to be honest

How is it a waste? A lot of children suffer from polio especially in third world countries. The cancer problem is a much more complicated to eradicate.

szo said,
How is it a waste? A lot of children suffer from polio especially in third world countries. The cancer problem is a much more complicated to eradicate.

Noone here upto date with cancer research? They already found a probable cure for most types of cancer with a 99% clear rate thus far. Its expected to be released publicly around 2018-2020.
Also it has almost no negative side-effects like chemo-therapy.

Why would Bill bother? With all the money in the world, he cannot speed up the testing stage this cure is already in.

Dan~ said,

The Gates foundation is about ensuring EVERYONE has a chance at life.
Being born in, or living in a first world nation is your chance.

The foundation is for those without that opportunity.

Why can't people see this.
Why do they always think, I needs some of that monies.

Maybe one of the kids who is vaccinated against polio will come up with a cure for something. Without the foundation's work, that person wouldn't exist.

Brony said,
A white American, richest and helping a third world country?.

what's a joke.

what does his race or ethnicity has anything to do with what he is doing?

erikpienk said,
we are all one race you *******, and there are far more important problems in the rest of world

We're not all one race...

My race is white and my ethnicity is hispanic.

They say money changes a person. This is true for Bill Gates... it allowed him to become an even more awesome human being.

Truly a remarkable man. Built and shaped the technology world of today, and then walked away from it all so that he could go and make more of a difference.

Always nice to hear from good guy Bill, the bane of all viruses (except those on a computer, they kinda seem to like Bill & co).

since windows 7 MSE was available and its pretty darn good, and doenst slow the pc at all, now Windows 8 comes with an antivirus solution out of the box you troll....

Time to warm up the linux distro downloader. Should be up soon. (I know I can watch it on the site, but that video player is a mess.)