Bing Health and Fitness Beta for Windows Phone 8 released

Microsoft continues to port its Bing series of Windows 8 apps to Windows Phone 8. After previously releasing beta versions of the Travel and Food & Drink apps, the company has quietely made available the beta version of the Bing Health and Fitness app for its mobile OS.

The app, which was actually released on January 30 but only spotted this weekend, mirrors the version released several months ago for Windows 8. It allows users to track how many calories they eat each day, thanks in part to a feature that has information about over 300,000 food products. It allows users to track how many calories they burn via work, home, play or exercise activities.

Microsoft adds:

Choose from hundreds of workouts and exercises with step-by-step instructions, photos and video. Use the GPS tracker to record your time, distance, pace and calories burned while you walk, run, bike and do other activities.

The beta version of the app also offers a way to find out information about possible health problems by typing in any symptoms they might be experiencing. People who already use the Windows 8 version of Bing Health and Fitness can sync their information with the Windows Phone 8 beta version.

Source: Microsoft via LiveSino | Image via Microsoft

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It IS a very well done app; I only have fee issues:
You cannot save your data locally
It seems that there is a bug entering your weight: I can enter 89 Kg but not 89.3 Kg
You cannot create your own workout routine, only use the preset ones
The app lack the option to enter your weight, daily or weekly, and track it.
Overall no big issues and it should be easy to fix them.

Really well and beautifully made app! I love the Win 8 version and glad it's now on my phone. I especially love the calorie tracker. I actually didn't think the body map would be included but look it is!

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