Canada To Create National Do-Not-Call List

Canada's telecommunications regulator has laid out new rules for a national do-not-call list. Under existing rules, consumers have to register separately to be on the "do not call" list of each individual telemarketer but in a few months, Canadians will be able to add their phone or fax numbers to the list at no cost for a period of three years. Some telemarketing calls will be exempt from the new regulations, including calls from registered charities, political parties, opinion polling firms and organizations that already do business with a particular household.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said it is in the process of issuing a request for proposals to select an independent operator of the list. It said the rule changes were triggered by widespread complaints from consumers that telemarketing calls were a nuisance and an invasion of privacy. The CRTC will have the power to impose fines of up to C$15,000 ($14,150) on businesses that contact anyone on the list.

News source: InformationWeek

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I signed up last year because Dish Network was absolutely driving me insane. They called at least once a week and they just would not stop it no matter how much I pleaded. A month after I signed up the madness ended and I haven't been bothered since.

When can I sign up?!?!?!

I hate those ******* calling me all the time. They even found a way around my Telezapper.
I'd rather punch them in the face but I guess suing is the next best thing.

This actually does work too! I remember when my phone used to ring off the hook all week from telemarketers. 1 week I had 3 different places calling me throughout the week and I refused to answer the phone. I added myself to the Canadian DNC list and I've received nothing for 3 months now.

I can't stand talking to them and I will hang up on the political party ones.

This is a good move for any country, as long as it's backed up by appropriate legal censure. In the UK, for quite a few years now we've had the [Fax|Telephone|Email] Preference Services, and I added our company's fax number to the FPS a couple of years ago. It took a month or so, but the volume of ad faxes dropped away to nearly nothing. My boss was skeptical about the idea, but it's worked so well that I'm preparing to suggest we join the phone list as well.

The funny thing is, there's actually no immediate legal censure against violators. If someone spams you and you report it, your complaint is sent to the Information Commissioner's Office (and a copy to the offender), but no other direct action is taken (presumably unless and until one offender racks up a certain volume of complaints). Seemingly, mostly a rap on the knuckles is enough. Isn't that super?

Um, go Canada!

In the US we have the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Simply put, the more negative info they get from consumers the worse the company will do because you don't want to do business with a company that isn't BBB approved (at least you want to research them before you do business with them).

I'm surprised it has taken so long; for as long as I remember (at least with BT over here, not too sure about other companies) if you choose to be ex-directory then you are automatically added to a do not call list.

That's not actually true, being X-directory means that your number is harder to find (although not impossible) - and does not stop marketing companies from being allowed to call you.

I believe the equivalent of this service in the UK is what is known as TPS (Telephone Preferences Service), launched over 2 years ago.

One problem with the US system is that it exempts non-profit companies. Well that also brings in a loophole because some telemarketers have created non-profit subsidiaries that now do the telemarketing for the parent company.

Yeah, being from Australia i made sure i put my name on the list like the day after it was released!

Haven't had a single telemarketing call yet either... It pretty much is awesome

This is great news for me. I've been getting at least one call each day from companies trying to give me credit cards and each time I've asked them to stop calling. I still keep getting calls. I'm not sure if they are ignoring my request or if they are different telemarketing companies but I'd love to report them for a $15,000 fine once this new system is in place.

Some telemarketing calls will be exempt from the new regulations, including calls from registered charities, political parties, opinion polling firms and organizations that already do business with a particular household.

And guess what? 90% of these calls we get ARE from these opinion polls and registered charities. x)

Yeah, it didn't help here in the U.S. either. It seems like the list was used to place more calls. Now if we could sue these jerks like they do email spammers.

4tehlulz said,
The US Do Not Call list has cut down my telemarketing calls dramatically, even with the exemptions.

I agree. I get far less calls now, if ever. The really crappy part is that companies now ask for your zipcode or phone number to establish a business relationship with the consumer so they can now legally call.