Civilization V: Brave New World expansion announced

Released over two and a half years ago in September 2010, developer Firaxis and publisher 2K Games will release yet another expansion pack for the acclaimed turn-based strategy game Civilization V later this summer. This new expansion, for both the PC and Mac, is titles Civilization V: Brave New World.

The official Civilization website offers up quite a bit of info on the expansion pack, which will add international trade routes as one of its new feature. 2K Games says, "The number of trade routes increases through the advancement of economics and technologies, the creation of wonders, and the unique abilities of your civilization."

The expansion will also introduce a new World Congress that will vote on matters such as international trade, the use of nuclear weapons and more. There's also a new Culture Victory that can be achieved when your nation's culture and value are spread and embraced by many others.

Look for nine new civilizations in this expansions pack, along with eight new Wonders to achieve, including the Parthenon, Broadway, the Globe Theater, and the Uffizi. Finally, there are two new scenarios to play through. One takes place during the US Civil War while the other has players exploring the continent of Africa.

Source: Civilization website | Image via 2K Games

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The new World Congress sounds very cool. I agree, with Civ V and G&K the game is class. So enjoyable. Just wish it wasn't so far off!

I bought Gods and Kings a while back but only last week put in the effort to play a game with it. Wow the difference it makes not just to the way I interact with City States but as a whole.

Civ 5 has to be one of the few games I welcome expansions for as they really do add a lot more to the game, I look forward to this one

Civilization V is easily the best in the franchise, particularly with the G&K expansion. I've already sunk over 150hrs into it and I can't wait for the new expansion.

I've been playing non-stop myself. I love it. You post on

When it first came out, I hated it. I quit almost 2 days after I bought it. Since g&k, man, I've been missing out. Probably best turn based game ever.

I prefer Civ IV myself. I don't think Civ V is a bad game, and maybe it's not fair to compare IV with all it's expansions to V before all it's DLC is out but so far V hasn't topped IV for me. That said there are advances in V I really welcome. Namely embark for units so you don't have to build transport ships, strategic resources having numbers, and roads having upkeep so you don't end up with every tile in your borders having roads for no good reason. I however am not a fan of the hex map (8 directions of movement is better than 6, what you've never heard of diagonal?) nor do I like the one unit per tile and ranged units shoot two tiles away changes.

Nothing Here said,
IMO These games have not been very good since Civ II. Not sure what happened. But thanx for the info.

I disagree, CIV 5 is pretty amusing. However, i use some "mods", for example cheaper railroads and able to put more than one military unit per slot.

You mean Civ 3.

I personally don't like Civ 4 or 5. I tried to play Civ 5 a few times now and end up loading up Civ 3 within 5 minutes.

My first Civ game was actually Civ 4; so I don't have that "but it was my first game" bias (like people tout with FF7).

I'd rather play Warlock - Master of the Arcane than Civ 5, since it's basically a fantasy version of it. Shame, since I own pretty much every piece of DLC for Civ 5.