Deezer Windows 8 streaming music app launched ... but not for US

Windows 8 and Windows RT owners in numerous countries around the world now have a new streaming music app to check out. The French-based Deezer has just launched its Windows 8/RT app in the Windows Store for the territories it serves. Deezer was launched in 2007 and now is available in 180 countries with over three million subscribers.

However, that list of countries does not include the US as Deezer has yet to make any inroads in the already crowded streaming music industry there. For the many other places around the world where Deezer is available, they can now use the Windows 8 app to access a library of 20 million music tracks.

The YouTube video above shows off the new Deezer app, including features like being able to organize and create music playlists just by touching the Modern-based interface. You can get a free account for Deezer which offers 12 months of access but with ads. Deezer subscribers at 4.99 euros a month can eliminate the ads and 9.99 euros offers tablet access. The Windows Store description states that a future version of the app will allow users to access their music without the need for an online connection.

Source: Windows Store

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Seriously? You're judging a name on first impressions? You realize, on day one, "Google" sounded stupid as hell.

Familiarity is a powerful force in determining how good a name is.

All these popular music services seem to pop out of a cocoon in Europe and become a hit in the US as well! Heard about Spotify being very popular but it had yet to launch in the US.. When it launched it was already very popular... very surprising indeed!!!

What I find interesting though is how Spotify and Xbox Music streaming is available on smartphone for a monthly charge and free to stream on the desktop, yet Nokia Music is the reverse! I really enjoy Nokia Mixes on my phone but can't afford to subscribe to all these services (OMG)..

after watching youtube video it looks way better than xbox music or nokia music or any music app on windows 8

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