Dell ditching Quantum storage systems

Dell Computer will phase out a lower-end Quantum storage system in favor of Dell-designed systems the company introduced Monday.

The company will begin selling the PowerVault 715N, 750N and 755N products and gradually phasing out the 701N and 705N, two designs actually from Quantum, said Brett McAnally, senior product manager for the company's storage line.

"We're extending the reach of Dell-engineered platforms," he said. As the company steers customers from the 701N and 705N to the 715N, the agreement with Quantum "will wind down over time."

Indeed, the Quantum models already have disappeared from Dell's storage site.

The move is the latest in a saga of divorces and marriages as the Round Rock, Texas, company has sought the best way to capitalize on the market for storage systems. Dell has been expanding from PC sales into higher-end products such as servers and storage systems, and while it's put tremendous pressure on Compaq Computer in the server market, its strategy in the storage market has been much more confused.

News source: ZDnet Australia

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