Dell is certain to become private after regulators give approval

Dell hopes it can soon get back to what it is best at- building quality PCs.

Dell announced in a short press release today that it has received the regulatory clearances to become privatised.

"Dell today announced that it has received all necessary pre-merger regulatory clearances for the consummation of the merger transaction in which Michael Dell, Dell's Founder, Chairman and CEO, will acquire Dell in partnership with global technology investment firm Silver Lake Partners."

The $24.9 billion transaction is expected to be completed before the end of third quarter in the 2014 fiscal year. The announcement means that it is almost certain the struggling company will be delisted from NASDAQ and handed back to company founder and CEO Michael Dell.

So what exactly does this mean for Dell, and its major investor Microsoft? By going private, Dell won’t have to deal with quarterly earnings reports. It can rebuild the company without the worry of shareholders who are looking to benefit from risky ventures. Just last month, we announced these shareholders were happy for the plan to go ahead- considering they received $13.75 in return for each share and an additional $0.13 for each dividend.

From here on end, Michael Dell says the company will hopefully recover through continued expansion of its enterprise and services development. He hopes that investment in the "PC, tablet, and the virtual computing", industries in emerging markets will also be the key to recovery.

Source: Dell | Image via Dell 

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Dell would be doing much better if they didn't constantly cancel customer's orders though their bogus verification process..

I've had 5 Dell laptops over the years. They get hauled around in my over the shoulder toolbag (total 48 pounds). Bounced around, knocked over to the floor, hot, cold of the car and only one had to be repaired (under warranty...bad motherboard, no charge). The current one, an XPS, runs like a champ. Hope they keep making them.

Good. I wonder what Dell will become in the next 5-10 years? The market sure is changing!

I hope they keep making PCs, and ditch the bottom-of-the-barrel priced models that I've seen too many consumers buy. OEMs and consumers have this ugly, self-destructive cycle...

Ok.. Billion dollar deal, share, market blah blah.. Can anyone tell me whether deal products would now be cheaper for user ?? or what effect this would have in end users ??

Well if it finally happens and they do then Dell doesn't have to worry about profits and profit margins and making other people happy and just it's self. This freedom of sorts should help them get back on track and release quality products and good prices since there's no longer this need to keep posting quarter after quarter of growing profits to keep the market happy.