Dell Studio Hybrid arrives

Dell has released its 'Studio Hybrid' range – with the low cost desktop aimed squarely at the ecologically-minded and the media PC brigade.

The funky little PC comes in six different styles – five shiny plastic varieties and a bamboo sleeve that was first seen as a concept earlier in the year.

A built in HDMI port as standard indicates that Dell see this as a living room computer attached to your flat screen television – but WiFi and wireless keyboard/mouse are optional extras.

The most interesting thing is perhaps the price point - with the US getting their hands on the kit for as little as $499 for the basic model.

Source: TechRadar

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Think I am loving this thing for a mini media PC. Should be great in the living room. Even with the added price of the Blu Ray, it is still only a little bit higher than a mid-range stand alone Blu Ray player. Would be nice to also use for gaming, but not sure that the built in Intel graphics would be up to the task of Crysis.

Looks nice, and it's good to see PC manufacturers stepping up their design game. It's not the traditional white and beige towers from back in the day.

Is that real bamboo... if so... isn't that sort of stupid? Help go green by chopping down some bamboo and using it as a computer case? Why? Because it's cool! Heck Ya!

Do you have any idea how fast bamboo grows? It's the fastest growing 'wood' plant in the world.

It can grow something like 4 feet per day.

Using bamboo is incredibly green. A house made of it would be more 'green' than a small shed made of something else.

But obviously it would only be the outside of the case if it is real, they'd need to have metal inside it.

(MioTheGreat said @ #8.1)
Using bamboo is incredibly green.

And the fact that it's +$130 means it's going to cost you a lot of extra green... I'm sorry, but I'm not the type who is going to shell out that much extra $$$ for something frivolous like that. That $130 can go a long long way into upgrading from the base config.

I wonder how the HDMI output will be with a LCD/Plasma TV. That Intel graphics chip doesn't give me any warm fuzzies when it comes to the quality of video output.

I will wait to see how it does in the real world. I am looking for a decent HTPC and I haven't decided if I want to build one, or purchase one like this Dell. I will say this..the Dell option would look better than anything I build :cheeky:

I think id still rather get a mac mini at those prices. Especially when the macmini is rumoured to be getting an upgrade soon-ish, maybe.

Might be £100 more for Mini with similar spec ( ok worse Graphics and smaller HDD) but it is physically smaller and can run both XP/Vista and MacOS and has WiFi and bluetooth.

Though i get the feeling that new dell will probably run osx86 quite easily.

MacMini: 5.08 x 16.51 x 16.51 cm 1.31 kg

Dell Studio :
Length: 19.65cm (with sleeve)
Height: 7.15cm (with sleeve)
Depth: 21.15cm (with sleeve)
Weight: 2.18kg (with stand)

Nice to see the £ to dollar conversion ratio is right on spot again and to add insult to injury the base USA model comes with a dual core pentium CPU where as the UK one comes with a Celeron. Oh and just to kick us while were down we have the pleasure of paying £10 /$20 if we want it in a color other then the default.

Apart from the abvious rip of job for the UK market it actually looks like a nice looking Mini-PC. The PC market needs more decent designs like this.

Looks nice. I like the bamboo one especially. Looks like an excellent candidate for a Media Center PC. (Now where did I put that 'extra' money?)