Duke Nukem Forever Trailer Released

As we reported yesterday, the first Duke Nukem Forever trailer in six years has just been released for the public's viewing pleasure. The video was first posted to Shacknews an hour earlier than the previously stated release time of noon CST. According to George Broussard of developer 3D Realms, the approximately minute-long video was originally created internally for the purpose of holiday festivities and marks the beginning of further media unveilings surrounding the notoriously long-in-development first- person shooter. "The release is still 'when it's done,' but you can expect more frequent media releases and we're not changing engines again and we have considerable work behind us," Broussard told Shacknews today when asked about a release date.

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4 Years on and I'm still saying the same old thing...?

Duke Nukem Forever

Oops I forgot to mention, nice trailer though...

just count the days it took for the first trailer to appear and add them to the days that the second trailer took to appear and multiply that by 5.2 and you get the release date for the game.


Personally, I'm a bit tired of hearing about this game every 6-8 months. It took almost as long for Daikitana to hit the shelves and look how that turned out. Although I love everything about the "Duke" games, from his comedic comments to the hilarious cutscenes, I believe that I can wait until it hits the bargain bins.

To be honest I lost interest in this game years ago. If it ever gets released, and there are some reviews giving it a decent score.... I might be interested enough to buy it. Otherwise until then, I'll probably forget about it until I hear it mentioned again in the future.

loved DN3D and i'm sure i'll buy the new one when/if it comes out.

the teaser was exactly that and to be honest I'm not bothered about seeing more or not seeing more, it's not like there have been no games between then and now to play.

more important question though....are they doing a new shadow warrior?

Haha, I was listening to Elite by Deftones at the same time as watching this video, and it seemed to fit quite well :P Well, I'm not impressed by this 'trailer'. I'm not hyped for the game one little bit. Let all the other suckers fall for it. Believe it when it comes shipped to my store and I can put it out on the shelf :P

I vote for more vaporware.

I mean really, the teaser was far from a teaser..."ooooo I am teased (by this half second shot of a blured monster) to see more of a game that you should have done a decade ago."

It was a flashy (as in strobe) vid with no real quality or shots that made me go "ooo".

Lets face it, games like this that are stalled for 10+ years never are what you expected them to be...and certainly never look like they spent 10+ years in development...cause, guess what, they havent.

They spend 6 months to a year coding something then release it and say "wow, we took all this time to do it, it must be good... Bow down and love it!!!". And many people will...sad sad sad.

i dont understand those who say it looks this or it looks like that. Tell me how you gather what it looks like from a 2 second strobbing flashing video clip? from the stills, the graphics look up to date. There is apparently depth of field going on, with great bump mapping and characters that are detailed nicely. But to say it looks like some other game, from what we have to go off of, is just silly. Its like me saying a apple looks like it taste like a chicken just because it has a feather on it. Exactly, doesnt make since lol.
This is a teaser, to make any judgements, and to hold the game to those judgements, its just ridiculous. We should all be hoping for the best. But to say dislike already, is like listening to 2 seconds of a song and saying you dont like it. Apparently they are doing something, and the game will be released, or i this is just the most elaborate and longest practical joke on the world......

Bizzard can get away with saying "it's done when it's done..".. but these jokers are just pulling our plonkers.

"it's done when it's done" is usually a statement to affirm quality and is backed up by a reputation to deliver.. 3D Realms don't HAVE a reputation (except that of joke company).., George Broussard has been talking through his arse for 10 years.

I still say Vapourware.

3D Realms have a good reputation indeed, they're in the market for along time and they released a lot of quality titles and to name only the latest max payne & prey.

Interesting trailer, the older trailer looked better in my opinion. really hate the news DN logo that we use on Neowin, it's a right cheese fest. Trailers intersting, I hate it when it's just flashes so you can never reeeeally see whether or not the good looks good or bad.


i already have the HD trailer i took some screenshots of the parts of the what appears to be "in game gameplay" and it pretty much looks good ... basically up to the standards of todays graphics engines pretty much.

and also, this aint a real trailer... it's a "teaser" trailer.