eBay enacts PayPal only policy in the US

Just when you think eBay is done infuriating longtime users across the world, the auction site keeps cranking out the hits.

You almost have to admire the steadfast dedication – that ability to bear 'mid now and ice, a banner with the strange device; Excelsior!

Or something to that Longfellowian effect. Point is, the bitter tears of eBay users must taste like candy to the company's board members.

This July, eBay Australia was forced to ditch its massively unpopular attempt to force virtually all payments through its subsidiary, PayPal. Not only did the policy change fuel outrage in its most established users, it even prompted Australian regulators to begin an anti-competition investigation.

Not a huge success, in other words. But eBay dutifully learned its lesson and will attempt to create a more open environ...

Just kidding. eBay now plans to ban checks and money orders as payment methods in the US. The news comes out of an FAQ update listing the change under "a more consistent buyer experience to drive more sales."

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(redhotchilipapa said @ #14)
Yeah!!! Let this fat cow implode on it's self! One good thing is less money means less annoying EBAY adds on the net.

You realise that eBay is a site for users to sell stuff to other people, right? And removing that would the main way to do that?

Not very altruistic, are you.

"Point is, the bitter tears of eBay users must taste like candy to the company's board members."
No, there are far more tears trying to make sense of the words thrown up in this article. I kind of feel bad for Austin Modine as he's proven to the whole world that Grade 4 English is just too difficult. But in this day and age that won't stop you from being a published writer! Thank God for the Internet.

"For eBay's next act, it will drown cats."
That's interesting. My employer does not allow me to drink or do drugs on the job. Apparently those rules are not enforced at The Register.

Good old Ebay and PayPal... But why does anyone care? If you want to sell using their system, you have to agree to their terms, same goes for buyers.

What people should be more concerned about is getting PayPal regulated, so that both sides have statutory protection from all the sharks and twisters out there.

Sellers seem to do is whine about fees, but it's the buyer who actually pays them, when the purchase the rubbish being offered. The fees are for reaching out to a market of millions of people. Put an advert in your local store window... But then you have to decide on a price

Not a huge surprise, eBay owns Paypal. When people use checks or money orders eBay doesn't get a cut. Plus they have basically zero competition so they know they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Sucks but fortunately the one thing they can't force me to do is use their crappy auction site.

Ever stop to think that it really doesn't make a bit of difference why they have no competition as far as what my post said about them being able to get away with whatever they want, or do you only have time for being an internet tough guy? Too busy complaining about other people complaining maybe?

eBay should have some kind of escrow service to protect the seller and buyer.

Like everyone else I have gotten sick of eBay fees and policies and use other places like kijiji.com or craigslist.

I've been waiting for a long time for ebay to blow itself up. This may push it over the edge...

Heck, you have more protection on a money order that you get from your bank than you from paypal. Paypal's protection policy usually involves going after the party that they can locate in order to cover their losses.

Truth be told, I've used eBay twice, since in NZ there's an auction site by the name of TradeMe which is on a much, much smaller scale. However, I do agree that it does provide additional security for sellers mainly.

Traditionally people never send goods out until the cold hard cash is in their hands, with cheques you need 5 working days to clear, and usually by then customers get all worked up and threaten to place bad feedback. In regards to Mkvos' post, money order != actual money sent through mail. I believe it's something with the post office (if it's the same as here in NZ) where you give the money to the post office and there's an actual record of you sending the cash.

Bottom line, it's a business, what do people expect? Some may boycott eBay, but will it make a significant dent in their business? Probably not.

This policy is sort of ok i guess yes its more secure but lest we all forget that this system ****s all over sellers.... If this was to work then eBay would need to remove the 1.1-3% or what ever it is that ebay charge... This is the main reason that it failed here in aus.... Its just not fair... Ebay have to stop making all these benefits for buyers and start thinking of the sellers as well... thats the main thing about it... Ebay is not like amazon... Without the sellers there is no buyers...

So when they start thinking about the seller and the buyer this just has very little chance or benefiting eBay... I am rather frustrated when i sell things on ebay... Though PayPal is good and more efficient... The cost that i wear as a seller is crazy...

After adding the cost ebay takes for the listing plus the cost of the paypal transaction plus the % of the final selling fee... This thing ebay wants to implement is just a desperate grab for cash IMO

Kind of a good thing. It helps in a way protect buyers and sellers alike. Imagine selling something to someone and the check bounces? Yes, your own stupid fault for shipping it without waiting for the check to clear, but still. Or what about someone who sends the money and never gets the item, or the item was just, crap? At least with PayPal you can file a dispute and most of than not, you get somewhere

I wish Google would have came out with their own auction site as was rumored a long while ago. They would destroy ebay.

Eliminating cheques (checks) and money orders is a start down the road towards Paypal-only, but not yet total enactment. Perhaps the road is a slippery slope.

Still pretty infuriating to see how the Australian failure (big thanks to the consumer protection organisations over here) has not educated eBay at all.

Well, maybe it has learnt something. By slowly chipping away at payment methods (starting with the least popular), it seems to think it can get away with it without being noticed.