Facebook users get 6 months of free McAfee

Geek.com is reporting that Facebook has officially teamed up with McAfee to give all its users a free, 6 month trial, of the McAfee Internet Security Suite. After the initial 6 months, users will be given the option to continue their subscription at a discounted rate. The move, noticeably, comes after McAfee said that Twitter and Facebook would be top targets for malware in 2010.

This is from the official Facebook blog:

"One of the best defenses against security threats is a good offense, and we want to help you take the offensive by having the latest security software installed on your computer. Today, we are announcing a year-long partnership with McAfee to offer all 350 million people who use Facebook the ability to download a six-month subscription to McAfee security software at no cost, along with a special discount once the six months are over."

In the event that your Facebook account has been compromised, McAfee will also be there to help. Facebook has integrated their software into their "unique process" of securing these infected accounts. If your computer is found to have viruses, an online scan will kick in to fix the problems. Facebook, rightfully points out that they're "not aware of another free Internet service that takes this much responsibility for helping people keep their accounts secure."

To claim your free copy of McAfee Internet Security, visit McAfee's Facebook page and click on the Protect Your PC tab. Alternatively, you can just install Microsoft Security Essentials and stop worrying about renewals, key codes, and all that jazz. Still, you've got to hand it to Facebook; they seems to be taking security very seriously these days.

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I tried NOD32, the virus DEF will not update due to mystery log in and password problem.

Is it possible to get McAfee if you don't have a credit card ?
I just want to ride out a few months' worth. Any high end antivirus.

ESET NOD32 is all you need, best antivirus out there, even Microsoft use it in-house on their machines (over their own product MSE) tells you everything really!

I wonder if EU FB users would get the ballot box...

Anyway, wouldn't even think of installing this bloated piece of crap!

Wondering how many people will "be forced to" buy McAfee after the 6 months trial finish and they start to find tons of nag screens telling them that their computer is not protected and they need to buy it..good tactic McAfee..

I think the good tactic is both them and Norton bundling their software with HP and Dell machines too. Why would the average user switch if they already have protection and no one to tell them otherwise?

COMODO is another good and free alternative. Can't see the reason for downloading 6 month trial of McAfee. That being said, a lot of fb users will have 2 antivirus software on their systems if they choose to install McAfee... I wonder if there is the prompt to unistall the already existing one

So why does everyone hate McAfee? Just curious... We may have it deployed to over 200K+ nodes corporate wide without issue, so just curious why you guys are having issues?

Well, if you do your research, you'll see that there are better alternatives. If a bunch of tech people say that something is bad then you should at least think twice before using it.

General Test:

Removal Test (not much of a test honestly. Needs WAY more samples)

Also, the arbitrary rating system you may want to ignore, but that's up to you. No, this isn't the end-all experiment, but it should put the reliability of McAfee into question for you.

Hm... Ok, good point and good info. What is interesting is that the corporate solution is night and day different. That leads ahead of all the other vendors, which is what we researched before deciding on a solution. This appears to be the consumer solution. Very interesting.

Shows how many idiots use that crappy site for them to have to offer free AV to stop them trojans spamming it

My neighbor told me to come over and check out his brand new Windows 7 PC. I get there and the system is unresponsive. Couldn't open anything. Guess what was scanning???? Uninstalled that crap and installed MSE immediately.

Too true. Many providers are. Users woke up to the fact that their A/V programs were causing their computers to slow down more than if they actually GOT a virus!

McAfee is happens to be a Tier-1 player... Just surpased Symantec and is the #1 security vendor now over Symantec. There is a reason for it. Having it installed on 200+ nodes, I can confirm this to be true. Thing is, it takes some education to make sure it's configured properly or it WILL jack up your system.

the sad thing is the Infection(s) that i remove off customers computers from Facebook (PC Security, Windows Antivirus 20XX, Police Pro (all variants of same thing) , Mcafee cant see or remove.

only Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes can

Facebook Profile status updated warning users

You may have noticed that MacAfee is offering Facebook users a free 6 months of antivirus. For the love of god, don't do it. McAfee is a bloated piece of crap. If you want something free then download and install Microsoft Security Essentials. Its free forever and won't rape your computer like McAfee will.


Spread the word on your Facebook status

??? Really?? You trust the same people that keep McAfee, Symantec, Trend and every other security company in business? Perhaps I can give you steps on how to bypass MSE?

Hmm... thats funny. My new Wireless-N router came with 6 months of free McAfee too. In fact, I think my cable modem did as well as my internet service. When I logged into Netflix last, it was asking me if I wanted 6 months of free McAfee.

I think I spotted an add on a gallon of milk for 6 months free McAfee.

Ohhh great is it bundled with norton IS trial google desktop, tool bar and power management and web camera software and stuff too?! <_< mcafee sucks.

artfuldodga said,
how about, years of MSE use, free, forever...
sadly people will fall victim to McAfee's little scheme

Well yeah. If people don't know any better than to download just any app and open just about any link on Facebook then that's inevitable. Oh well, maybe they'll learn through their mistakes

Judging from the screenshot, it looks like one of em' bogus sites and/or pop-ups. Hell no I would download that. MSE is the way to go for a virus free system that runs smoothly.

We provide McAfee Total Protection at work to give managed protection to GP practices in Wales. If I had my way we'd sack it off, the interface is pants rules are ignored and it keeps removing VNC from the workstations. I think it's safe to say I won't be taking them up on their generous offer.

BTW, since VNC has been know to be used maliciously, you need to create an exception for VNC or Radmin or anything of that nature under the "Potentially Unwanted Programs" config. Should work like a charm after that.

Bank of America does something similar. Customres get a full 1 year subscription. Comcast also gives a lifetime subscription to their HSI customers.

jamesyfx said,
I'll pass, although nobody can complain about 6 months free of a premium product, even if it is quite a bad product.

Well, that's unbeatable logic right there "Here's a can of horse manure", "Ewww, that's nasty dude", "Yeah but it's free!", "Oh sweet!"


Sethos said,
Well, that's unbeatable logic right there &quot;Here's a can of horse manure&quot;, &quot;Ewww, that's nasty dude&quot;, &quot;Yeah but it's free!&quot;, &quot;Oh sweet!&quot;


At least you could use the manure in your garden. :P

would never use this crap from boils of the earth. memory hog of hogs and some slow piece of stuff. just surf prudently and be safe. they should offer a full free security suite as long as they remain a facebook subscriber. a small price to keep everyone safe and keep subscribers.

Regardless of how McAfee may function, this is a considerate move by Facebook. Thumbs up to them. I'll stick with Microsoft Security Essentials though.

True, but it SHOULDN'T be needed. If Facebook did a good job, there wouldn't be people getting viruses and spyware every week. I'm cleaning Facebook infections up almost daily! (Not using McAfee)

well at least they are doing something to help with all the crap you get from the ads (not as bad as myspace though) however they could at least give out an Anti Virus that works well

-TV- said,

Yeah.... I guess thats one way slow its users slow... lol

McAfee worst slowest out there...

Free upgrade tip, uninstall it...

McAfee? The biggest joke in AV software to ever be made?

No thanks, it's either Forefront or Security Essentials, which honestly surprises me saying that, but it's true. I was a Symantec fan, until their software went the way of the dodo and turned my computer into one along with it years ago. MS AV products have been flawless.