Former Windows head Steven Sinofsky talks about life after Microsoft

In mid-November 2012, only a couple of weeks after the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft announced that the long-time head of the Windows division, Steven Sinofsky, was leaving the company. Since then, Sinofsky has been writing regularly on his own blog, called Learning by Shipping, and has also been teaching classes at Harvard.

Today, Sinofsky was the center of a Q&A at the Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital conference, where he talked for the first time in public since his departure from Microsoft about the reaction to the launch of Windows 8. When asked why the PC business continues to decline even after Windows 8's launch, Sinofsky stated that he felt that it was hard not to be happy about Microsoft selling 100 million licenses for the OS. At the same time, he said:

The industry is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. I think that is exciting and it means a lot of opportunity. It will take a long time for things to play out. It’s exciting but it means while it is going on you have to resist the urge to pick winners and losers. Things are just very different.

Sinofsky also said he helped to push Microsoft to sell its own PC hardware in the form of the Surface devices and even held a Surface RT tablet on stage during the Q&A. He also uses devices from other companies and held up his own HTC One smartphone, saying that the Android device was "amazing in its openness and all its variety."

As far as what he would like to do next, Sinofsky stated that he is still on what many people would consider to be a sabbatical, adding, "I’m not in a big rush."

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To get away Scott-free, giving seminars on shipping products on time after the monumental mess he made, yeah, life is good. His Android love is just a cheap shot.

I guess he wants his name out there again now that others are doing their best to fix his mess with 8.1 and make it usable. He'll find a way to try and take credit.

How many, from those 100 million of licenses sold, are bulk-OEM licenses?.

Because real OEM licenses usually are for cheap.

Lone Wanderer Chicken said,
We should thank Steven Sinofsky for steering Windows in the right direction with Windows 7 and Windows 8!

You're kidding? Windows 7 gets way too much credit.

He brag about Surface now but forgot to mention when he and Balmer, the dynamic duo, tried to kill the Tablet PC project.... If it was not for BG we might not had a Tablet PC in 2002...

held up his own HTC One smartphone, saying that the Android device was "amazing in its openness and all its variety."

Uh, interesting move...

Yeah shouldn't be surprised to see him pimp an Android phone. I mean what difference does it make now? He was head of Windows, not WP, so his allegiance was to that product and it showed. He had a personal interest vested in Surface and Windows so I'm not surprised to see him holding one. As for the phone he probably sees phones as an means to an end and if it's Android that can work with Windows what difference does it make? He's one reason there's been so much division between the various depts. within Microsoft.

"Amazing" can mean a lot of things :-)

In my mind, the main point of Windows RT is that it's for more integrated devices and focused on the modern experience. It also means controlling more things to enable them to "just work." I love getting family members and non-tech friends to use RT because it means they won't come to me with four fake virus scanners installed on it complaining it got slow.

I have few things to say to AllThingsD.
Firstable, they're acting strange especially to companies like Apple, Facebook and Microsoft (Above).
They like to pull everything out of there brains, i mean, seriously ?
and that girl looked at the man each time she talks. alight, she might not be tech savy but still. just don't talk, or if you talk just don't ask everything...