Gateway recalls 14,000 notebook batteries

Gateway Incorporated is recalling 14,000 batteries used in its notebook PCs after four customers reported that their computers had overheated. Sony fanboys will rejoice to know their company isn't to blame, this time. The new recall affects battery cells made by Samsung Electronics Company Limited and assembled into battery packs by Simplo Technology Company Limited, of Taiwan, according to Gateway spokeswoman Lisa Emard. Gateway, the third-largest PC vendor in the U.S., expects both vendors to help cover the cost of the action.

"We're working with our suppliers to cover the cost of replacement battery packs and other direct costs. We expect our costs to be limited to incidental expenses associated with administering the exchange program. The root cause of this failure becomes apparent as the batteries age and perform repetitive charging cycles," Emard said. Of the four customer complaints, one had caused minor property damage while the others simply overheated, she said. The recall affects certain Gateway 400VTX and 450ROG series notebooks sold between May 2003 and August 2003, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The faulty batteries are identified by part numbers 6500760 or 6500761 and say "made by SMP" on a label pasted on the underside of the battery pack.

News source: InfoWorld

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is this going to be like a new feature or something in laptops?

Duo 2 2GHZ
17" screen
300GB hard drive
blu -ray and HD DVD player
Non exploding battery*!!!!!!

*terms and conditions apply, battery may explode if used whilst the laptop is switched on.

Uhm, Slimy, I don't think Sony supporters would be happy to be called fanboys, so you might want to change that...

Anyway, yet another laptop battery problem. I wonder when it'll be my MacBook's turn (hopefully never).


wctaiwan said,
Uhm, Slimy, I don't think Sony supporters would be happy to be called fanboys, so you might want to change that...

Who cares? lol

Here we go again with the Laptop battery recalls... isn't this the second one today? I just hope HP isn't next (or any time in the near future for that matter... :worried: