Giggle Music Recommendation Alpha

Giggle is a desktop application that sits in your system tray and listens to the music you listen to. It does this for all users of Giggle & uses this data to recommend to you music that you may like.

Giggle is also capable of recommending music events in your locale based on the artists you listen to and your postcode and tickets can be purchased directly through one of our affiliated ticket vendors.

This project is currently in BETA stages and only supports the iTunes Music player, with more to come in later releases along with events calendaring, Vista Sidebar integration and much more!

Download: Giggle Desktop Application
Screenshot: >> Click here <<

This is BETA software!, please use caution when installing it on your system

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This is only currently, I am one of the developers working on this project.

The current release only supports Windows Vista and XP, will only integrate with iTunes and our database of events is UK based.

However a Linux and Mac OS client are under development, with releases to come within the next month.

The integration of more media players is also being developed again being released as updates to the client as and when they have been built and tested.

The events database is also being improved to contain events within Europe and North America.

It will eventually be aimed at an international audience when fully released however while under development it will have varing degrees of support.

Give it a go and if you get any problems send us some feedback, and if you can thing of any features to add we'll try and add them into the next release.

Yep... LOVE it! :P

Read the guidelines, and then managed to systematically ignore them. There's some other violations if you look too... :D


(Seriously; too much? I keep flipping between yes and no, I largely did it because I want to animate a lot of what's there at the moment with WPF over the next few months and thought that glass would give a nice background for that)