Giveaway: 1000 Licenses of SysRestore Pro

Sysrestore is a system and disk clone software that could make images on your system and data for recovery once anything changes like system crashed, virus changes your computer and caused problems, homepage changed by malware, adware. It allows you to easily restore your system hard disk/partition to a previously saved state, effectively reversing infections caused by a large variety of viruses, spyware and other malware. It can also undo system crashes, incompatible software installations, and user configuration errors. The free version of the program has a limit of 10 snapshots.

Restore your system in just one click. When your system crashed or has been damaged, just use CTRL+R when starting OS, your system would be restored. There are options for you to choose when to take snapshot like once restart PC or PC start or every 2 seconds. You can define your own protect area by selecting the partition or disk you want to recover. Keep your PC and inside data more secure with different way of data protection and system restore to make it possible that you can make it when your system crash or software malfunction.

SysRestore Pro -- The Professional Edition provides you with the same benefits as the Free version, but it also allows you to take as many as 1000 snapshots. This makes it ideal for businesses and power users, allowing them to reduce undesirable system downtime and ensuring that mission-critical systems run with better efficiency.

Sysnew is now offering 1000 copies of SysRestore Pro to get your PC protected by undo changes to your system or disk.

Download SysRestore Pro and install it. License for SysRestore Pro: XIA6WIZ8E8RK2TUT
This is a license limited giveaway. The license is available for 1000 users.
This campaign ends on Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

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Most likely yes. Other serious players like KL say it's clean, and frankly I trust them more than Symantec (despite running SEP in my computers)

Also, from VT:

First submission 2013-04-06 14:44:40 UTC ( 2 months, 3 weeks ago ) <-- by this time if there were malware other companies would also detect it.

I seriously doubt there is any malware in that installer. It has been known to anti-malware companies over two montsh by now.

What there might be is poor programming and/or incompatibility issues This is different from malware.