GTA V finally comes to PC; pre-orders start today

The rain has stopped, the clouds have parted and sunshine is falling down on us once again: GTA V is finally coming to PC, and pre-orders begin later on today.

Doing a somewhat muted announcement, Rockstar Games have officially confirmed that GTA V is coming to PC, alongside the Xbox One and PS4, later on this year. This new version of the game will feature better graphics, higher level of detail and technical improvements across the board to take full advantage of the capabilities of PCs, and new-gen consoles.

Even better, PC gamers get a bit of something extra. Rockstar says GTA V for PC will also feature a video editor “ designed for advanced movie-making”. As streaming gameplay video is a booming business in and of itself, there’s no doubt that folks will appreciate this extra feature.

As mentioned, pre-orders begin later on today, so check this page often if you’re looking to buy the game.

Source and Image: Rockstar Games via Neowin Forums.

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I bought the game on PS3 knowing that it would eventually be released on the PC and newer consoles. It was a great game. It really beat my expectations, and I haven't enjoyed a GTA game that much since GTA 3.

But while the PS3 version did look great, I'm still disappointed that I didn't experience the game at 1080p. I don't think I want to buy it again at full price though.

OMG!!! YAY! YAY! YAY! I WANT this on the X1. I played about 25% through the story on the 360 before the framerate issues and popup became just too much for my old eyes.

I have it for both ps3 and xbox 360 and will get it for pc. I havent really started any mission on ether consoles

I haven't played it because I knew it would be out for next gen and pc,. Also the popup and framerate on the ps3/360 version bothered me alot from the trailers so I just avoided it altogether.

Most people will have already played it extensively on PS3 and 360, they've taken too long releasing it on PC and PS4/XOne, I'm already bored of it, and with Rockstar's broken promises regarding Heists, they just keep feeding us ###### content packs. I'm not paying another £50!

Modding it is probably the only reason to actually get it on PC :)

I feel the same way, even though I haven't played it yet. It's only just coming to PC, when all the hype around it has died down. And with all the other great titles being announced this E3, this doesn't sound like a must have anymore. Maybe when it goes on sale sometime, I'll grab a copy.

Rockstar are your typical games company. Milk it for all its worth on launch, make loads of promises to people who bought the game at launch, then realise later that profits have dropped off after the first few weeks and think, "What the hell? No moolah!"

I might get it on XB One when it's cheap on Amazon just for the double achievements with the 360 version I already have :). Online is now boring, done it seen it, got bored waiting for Heists and extended Story missions, they obviously really don't care at R*. There's still people losing characters online, all they say is "There's nothing we can do", it's cloud computing! No backups?!?

"pre-orders start today" but not on Steam.

edit: Ignore my stupidity. I thought the pre-orders already started.

As someone who made the mistake of trading up a ps3 for a ps4, I'm looking forward to picking this up again (assuming my saves can be transferred, not a problem if they wont be, just means I'll have to playthrough again)

Yay, this is great news! All those idiots that petitioned for the game to stay on consoles must be having a fit :rofl:

Is it going to come to Steam?

Lets hope this time the port is a little better than GTA 4 was at first. :)

Well, for your hopes at least. I've already finished it on PS3 and sold it lol.