HTC Windows Phone 8X unboxing

It's probably about time that I did one of these unboxing videos for a new phone that lands in the Neowin review labs. I've finally got my hands on some Windows Phone 8 hardware in Australia, with carriers and manufacturers here not making the task easy at all, but luckily MobiCity managed to deliver one of these to me ages before they will be sold officially here.

The phone is indeed the Windows Phone 8X by HTC - their flagship Windows Phone 8 device - and I received the blue, European imported model. The full unboxing video is up above with some shockingly aggressive auto white balance which I probably should have fixed before filming, but alas it's my first time doing one of these videos so something has to go wrong.

If all goes to plan there will be a review for both the device and Windows Phone 8 up on Neowin soon, so check back later. As for the unboxing; spoiler alert: there's a Windows Phone 8X by HTC inside!

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theyarecomingforyou said,
Using open scissors to cut towards your hand? I'm amazed you still have all your fingers!

Safety? Pah!

theyarecomingforyou said,
Using open scissors to cut towards your hand? I'm amazed you still have all your fingers!

yeh this is first i thought too. his mum must have had a rough time when he was a child :-)

I'm just interested in knowing how the new WP8 phones fare with Whatsapp. Currently the UX on WP7.5 with this app is quite bad compared to on iOS and Android.

Chicane-UK said,

And a crap load more expensive.

Not really, I'm on a plan with Telstra and the build quality is astonishing! Haven't got to plat round with the 8X yet but I'm keen to give it a spin.

I see they're using the same box style as the One series of phones, to be fair it's a very good box design in that it's recycled material (AFAIK) and generally pretty cool looking.

gorgeous phone especially with blue color im really impressed with the design

Edited by subcld, Nov 14 2012, 1:40pm :

I never understood the point of watching these videos. I would rather watch a video about the device itself not the box it came it

Gaffney said,
I just got mines today, upgraded from an Omnia 7 and immediately the screen looked like a massive improvement.

Also the audio quality for headphones is a lot better from the Omnia 7, actually has a decent amount of volume.

I'm tempted to get an 8X, but i've seen a couple reviews mention poor battery life and call quality. Plus non-expandable 16GB is making me think twice as well.

Still, it's way cheaper than a 920 here in NZ and about the same price as the Lumia 820. Decisions decisions.

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