Instagram: Windows Phone is "very interesting" but nothing to announce

On Thursday, Facebook announced that it was adding video support to its popular Instagram photo-sharing app as part of a press conference. However, the app is still only available for iOS and Android devices and there's been no official word on when, or even if, Instagram might come to Windows Phone.

TechCrunch reports that, during a Q&A with Facebook and Instagram execs at the press conference on Thursday, the subject of whether Instagram would ever be released for Windows Phone was brought up. The answer was, "I think Windows Phone is very interesting, but we’ve got nothing to announce right now." The article did not specific whether a Facebook or Instagram representative gave the answer.

While the response was somewhat expected at this stage, the fact that the company considers Windows Phone to be an "interesting" platform could mean that some kind of reveal is planned for the future. An official Instagram app is certainly one of the biggest, if not the biggest, requests for Windows Phone owners.

Earlier this year, Nokia launched an online campaign, #2instawithlove, that encouraged Windows Phone owners to show Facebook and Instagram "just how passionate the Windows Phone community is" about bringing the app to the platform.

Source: TechCrunch | Image via Instagram

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Brandon Live said,

I don't know... most of the hard work for them is on the server. That app should take a week or two to make. At the very least they could commission someone to do it, or work with MS to have it built like the Facebook app.

They are working on some major changes (i.e. the video feature which has likely had them pretty bogged down getting Android and iOS released out the door. According the Wikipedia, they're only a team of 13, so I imagine that they've all been pretty busy getting stuff sorted. Whether or not Facebook could provide assistance I have no idea, I'd probably expect instagram to be an isolated entity of the Facebook group (for now), so it's unlikely that they've got time to be considering a ground-up build of the app for Windows Phone. Given that they're all working on other platforms, there's probably a knowledge gap as well for the devs, so they'll need to hire someone, or retrain someone, to get the development underway.

There is also the cost/benefit to weigh up for writing an app for such a small audience. Going with the figure that WP has a worldwide market share between 8 and 12%, and (pulling numbers out my ass here) half of those users use Instagram, and half of those are already using Instance (, there's perhaps not a lot of reason to look into a WP client at the minute from their point of view. They could ask MS for help getting it out, but I wouldn't even begin to know whether they'd go for that.

It's entirely possible that they have time to do it, now that the Video update is out the door. Like the article says, the wording of the statement suggests that they're looking at it, and given the WP market share growth, they're likely watching very closely to see what happens. We never know, they could release one this year.

FWIW, welcome to how the Mac generation felt for the last 10 years or so, and how the Linux crowd still feel

But that is their priority, WP has between 5-10% of the market depending on the market, so making an app for it right now when Instagram is changing so fast cannot be priority.

That said given all the money floating around Instagram & FB, you think FB could toss them enough cash to employ a couple of WP devs to do this. Would help their image to show they were supporting WP.

I truly love the growing group of indie third-party devs for WP right now. Those developing ports for Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine, for example, are brilliant. If the big first-party companies are too damn lazy to make official apps, these little devs can make a port in a couple days and sell the app for big bank! I honestly think they're being put to shame, and it's a shame. They should see WP as a viable platform now that Win8 tablets are selling well. I don't know how they wouldn't want their app on all the main platforms to increase spread (especially if the app can be made in a matter of days).

Gees at this point they can just go F off, they are pretty much trolling WP8 users now, if a single dev can make an instagram app that works and get alot of money they could probably have an official app done in a week.

Hopefully they'll have something to announce on July 11th, but honestly its not that important considering how nice Instance is

i feel that WP is to be hate with no reason.

i know that google despise WP, makes all kind of lame excuses why it can't support it, and with all the effort they put on making their excuses, they could've release few version of different apps.

why does WP is being treated like it?

first felt it with samsung ATIV, lack of faith in the OS, then google with the youtube app, now it's all kind of negative vibes from major app company's.

weird days, hope it'll be better soon.

R1pper said,

why does WP is being treated like it?

For the same reason Nintendo is. Not enough market share.

Who cares? I don't use Instagram anyway; I'm not really sure what the point of it is and I'm not much of a photographer. But if I did feel like using it, I have Instance, and I even paid for the ad-free version to support the developer.

Because some people do?

(I don't either for the record, I just find this position to be a bit questionable in claiming "who cares?" when it's obvious people other than us would)

I'm not asking who cares about Instagram. I'm asking who cares if they bother to put out an official app at this point. It's unnecessary now. I think anybody who has been holding out for it probably gave up hope a long time ago.

Lots of people only like using official clients. Unless it says "Instagram" or "Facebook" or "Vine" then they won't go near it. And given the amount of malware in Android (supposedly...) I don't think that's a bad policy (I realise this is for WP, but for people switching over they will bring that mentality with them).

Plus when Instagram release a new version (say with video....) then you have instant access to the latest feature. If you are using a third party client that could take weeks to add or maybe never even work. I'm sorry I agree it's great 3rd party apps are taking up the reigns, but there's plenty of times that an official client is better and necessary.

Generally I would agree with that, but Instance, Scrapbook for Pinterest and 480px are three great examples where that is not the case. I don't like using 3rd party apps where official ones are available most of the time, even on WP. But since Instagram, Pinterest and 500px have dropped the ball (indeed, they may never have even been holding it) they have ceded the opportunity to thrive on WP to 3rd party devs who are actually charging for their apps and making money off them, and due to the high quality of these apps, usually written by just one person and not a team, I think they deserve that income and wonder why the **** the official channels couldn't be bothered to write their own apps.

Some development teams only develop for devices that have major market (independent of the specific platform).

Not support WP may be the same reason why they don't support BB10, Firefox Mobile, etc.
It's not hit the market mass they feel will justify the cost to developer for it.

I think they're just nicely saying they're not interested at the moment. Certainly, with our market share, I don't see how having or not having WP support would really impact them. Ony a certain percentage of WP users will get and actively use it, not 100% of us. I sure wouldn't - don't see the point to it.

If its so important for prestige reasons, MS should work it out and use their marketing budget to do it.

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