Intel drops Centrino Atom brand after five months

Intel has dropped the Centrino Atom brand after just five months, opting instead to use just the Atom brand across this part of its product line. "Basically, we are simplifying and coalescing our efforts around 'Atom' as the single brand for Internet devices," said Nick Jacobs, a company spokesman in Singapore.

Centrino Atom was the brand name given to a chip package formerly codenamed Menlow, which includes an Atom processor and a single-chip chipset. The package was designed for small, handheld computers that Intel calls Mobile Internet Devices, or MIDs. But that segment of the market has been slow to take off, with only a trickle of devices hitting the market since Intel launched Centrino Atom at its Intel Developer Forum conference earlier this year.

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Hmm, deja vu!!

I was just looking over some laptops at and saw one that had this chipset in it. Can't say as I've ever heard of it, but don't have my own laptop to play on and don't have access to any other one either.