Kaspersky opposes SOPA; makes opinion known

To say SOPA is a highly unpopular act would arguably be one of the understatements of the year, and many companies are not shown to be standing against the act in the same way as the general public. However, Kaspersky can be considered an exception to the rule due to their approach, which was first reported on the Russian website Izvestia, and quickly posted on TorrentFreak after this.

Internet users who are aware of its existence, but now companies are also shown to be opposing it, as TorrentFreak reports about Kaspersky.

For those unaware, Kaspersky is one of many companies providing anti-virus software for computers. Based in Russia, the company is a part of the Business Software Alliance, or 'BSA'. Well, they were anyway. They have announced their withdrawal from the alliance over its approval of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), with their membership to be revoked on January 2012.

The company officially said that the SOPA act will hurt both innovation and consumers. As a side-note, the BSA contains companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Apple. A statement from the company reads as follows:

“Kaspersky has not participated in drafting the bill, nor participated in the debate on SOPA, and does not support this initiative."

Kaspersky's stance on the matter is rather appealing to see in the industry when so many massive companies, such as Apple and Microsoft, are unwilling to oppose the act despite the controversy surrounding it. While TorrentFreak may not be the most unbiased of sources, the interests of many American people are likely conflicting with those of SOPA, so it is still important enough.

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Perhaps some information about what this SOPA thing is, and how it is bad / good? I don't want to Google to find out something, the article I'm reading should give me the information I need.

I have never really been overly fond of Kaspersky in the past but right now, I have great respect for their stance on this issue.


Perhaps Kaspersky is following another AV companies' footsteps.


Aryeh Goretsky

Tim Dawg said,
Hopefully more companies will fall in line and follow Kaspersky's example!

dancedar said,
Well, of course. People need protection when downloading pirated software. What else would they need AV for lol

This law won't impact piracy at all really (pirates will still be able to pirate) and as such this won't have any impact on Kaspersky's business (if AV is only useful for pirates as you assert). So this makes their stance all that more admirable.

dancedar said,
Well, of course. People need protection when downloading pirated software. What else would they need AV for lol

what a crappy comment.

i've had ads try to infect my pc on some websites. using exploits in advertisers like google adsense. i'm talking major websites that get millions of hits a day.

I actually just upgraded my regular internet security to Kaspersky PURE. Third year in a row, and with this attitude, I'll never regret picking this antivirus. And it's good, too!

Very nice of Kaspersky. I haven't purchased AV in a while thanks to MSE, but this might get me to support them this year at least.

I have complained to my elected officials so hopefully the citizens and businesses in opposition stops this from becoming a law.