Latest Japanese Hardware Sales

Media Create has once again released the latest Japanese hardware sales and this week, things seem a bit more shaky than last. This week's figures saw PlayStation 2 increase from 51,700 units last week to 63,800, with GameCube shooting up from 7,100 to 7,900 units and Game Boy Advance increasing from 30,600 to 37,000 units. Xbox saw a slight decrease in sales from 3,200 to 3,000 units. The real shocker this week was the unexpected return of Dreamcast to the charts. During the week, Dreamcast sold 47 units.

  • PlayStation 2: 63,800 (Annual: 1,978,700)

  • Game Boy Advance: 37,000 (Annual: 1,352,700)

  • GameCube: 7,900 (Annual: 611,100)

  • PSOne: 4,400 (Annual: 139,800)

  • Xbox: 3,000 (Annual: 213,500)

  • Game Boy Color: 2,300 (Annual: 59,500)

  • Wonder Swan Color: 1,600 (Annual: 92,900)

  • Wonder Swan: 180 (Annual: 4,600)

  • Dreamcast: 47 (Annual: 16,600)

  • Nintendo 64: 43 (Annual: 4,900)

  • PocketStation: 30 (Annual: 900)
News source: PlanetXbox

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Lol, when are you people going to get it. The Japanese would much rather play lovely RPG's and quality games then a Microsoft tech demo. They don't care for FPS, that's why Halo flunked. MS should have bought Squaresoft when they could, that would have sold consoles.