Leef introduces microSD card to microUSB card reader for Android devices

Today, Leef, a company that has put design at the forefront of many of its products, has released the Access microSD Reader. The Access is a small microSD to microUSB card reader that gives Android users a new way to transfer media. It allows users to take information stored on a microSD and seamlessly transfer information to any device that supports USB on-the-go (USB OTG). This device is especially handy since more and more device manufacturers have started to rely on non-removable internal storage solutions. 

Much like Leef's other products, the Access has superb styling with an attention to detail. The footprint of this device is small, measuring in at 30 X 20 X 9 mm (1.18in x .78in x .35in), which makes it convenient to carry. The device is also waterproof and dust proof. The Access also has an extra slot to store an additional microSD card and an LED indicator. The Access is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and higher and will require a USB OTG microUSB port. The Access is currently available for $9.99 on Leef's website and Amazon.


Source: Leef | Image via Leef

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