Lenovo reveals Windows 8 ThinkPad S431 touchscreen laptop

Lenovo keeps coming out with new Windows 8 touchscreen PCs. A few weeks ago, it started taking pre-orders for its massive 27 inch IdeaCentre Horizon all-in-one PC, with the first shipments due out in early May. Today, the company revealed a new entry in its ThinkPad notebook lineup, made primarily for small business owners, that also has a touchscreen.

Lenovo's ThinkPad S431 comes with a 14 inch touchscreen that fits inside a bezel normally designed for a 13-inch screen. The display can be moved to a 180 degree angle which should allow the screen to lay flat on a surface for better access to the Windows 8 Modern UI. The keyboard also has six Windows 8 optimized shortcut keys.

The notebook uses Intel Core i7 processors, has support for up to 8 GB of RAM and up to 500 GB of hard drive storage. Lenovo claims that the laptop will have a battery life of up to nine hours, which if true is pretty impressive. It also supports the upcoming ThinkPad OneLink Dock, which adds more USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet port and dedicated video support. The dock will go on sale on May 21st but pricing was not revealed.

As far as the Lenovo ThinkPad S431 notebook, it will go on sale in June with a starting price of $699, which is far cheaper than most laptops that bear the ThinkPad brand. A post on the official Lenovo Twitter account claims that it will have a starting price of $509, but that might be for a version without a touchscreen.

Source: Lenovo | Image via Lenovo

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Looks like a copy of the MacBook Air. Just imagine how PC designs would look today if it wasn't for Apple (unfortunately, I struggle doing so). But I'm glad vendors have finally moved on from those ugly designs in the Vista/7 era.

I know that is true, I like both MacBooks and Thinkpads, both paved way for modern notebooks but lately it seems that everyone else has been copying them both especially copying Apple. People say I was mad yeah right everyone has been copying Apple, the proof is out there, look at HP with there *Envy* line and Dell with there XPS line Look at the Razor look at Samsung and ASUS and VIZIO. Apple set a trend with out Apple no Ultrabooks enough with that Ultrabook inspired by Intel crap. Ultrabooks concepts came out from studying the MacBook AIR even there internals look a lot alike.

I can say things that are simply not true as well.

Sorry to burst your pessimistic bubble but it's doing very well. It's a reputable laptop series that have many innovations and achievements under its belt. I suggest you do a little research before you go spouting your uninformed opinions which slander a perfectly good name.

Does it sell like the Banana iShiny? Nope, but it's not trying to appease that demographic. It's a business machine with business class reputation, style (or in some eyes, lack of) and performance. It has excellent dollar:performance ratio for its class and produces record numbers along its series consistently.

Nice, I might just buy this.

I love the old-school red nipple that Lenovo is sticking with; I hate trackpads. I know what you're thinking (touch screen), but I don't always want to have my arms up in the air to do minor interactions with my laptop.

I still wait for the Helix.... at least till June. If it will not out by beginning of July I will get a Convertible ThinkPad. Since I bought my first Tablet PC I no longer consider any portable without handwriting capabilities

Javik said,
Impressive specs but damn that is one ugly laptop, looks like something out of the mid 90s
If it doesn't look like a MBA or MBP it's horrible looking, k we got that.

Looks pretty nice to me, fairly masculine looking laptop. I'm sick of all the artsy metallic silver **** everywhere as if that's the only thing that looks 'nice'.