Longhorn implementation videos

We've covered one of these before, but i felt they could probably warrent a little more exposure.

Although tedious to start with, these videos and their demos are absolutely staggering. Especially interesting was the graphics in the Manufacturing video, with vectors objects looking like something produced by Stardocks! Videos like this really do make you look forward to it's release.

"How can Longhorn's new platform technologies help you deliver solutions in your particular industry? Watch video demonstrations as Carter Maslan from Microsoft's Platform Strategy and Partner Group highlights some of the work being done in various industries to create a new class of connected applications. See how the Longhorn Fundamentals, Avalon, WinFS, and Indigo pillars combine to help you coordinate end-to-end business processes across organizations and systems."

Definitely worth a look.

View: Videos

View: Longhorn Dev Carter Maslan's blog

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Wow, so you open up the attachment and it installs software with NO confirmation? Sounds *ripe* for exploitation...

Edit: Holy crap! Built-in ads, too! Wow, is MS just *asking* for attackers now? All of this looks cool, but open for problems and exploits...

I'm just saying it looks to be of high risk because the user was never prompted to install the application, it's just assumed to be safe. And my big concern isn't neccessarily viruses, because this is managed code. What I'm more worried about is advertising companies like Claria/Gator using it to spam people, get them to install some app for spyware, and ruining computers a LOT more easily...

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