Machinima to launch Xbox One app with Wingman feature

There hasn't been much information about what kind of third party apps will be available for Microsoft's Xbox One when it launches on November 22nd but today the online video network Machinima announced its plans to offer an app exclusive for the next generation console, and with an interesting feature.

The app, as shown on a Machinima YouTube clip, includes what the company calls Wingman. Basically, if you are playing a game on the Xbox One and come across something that you can't quite figure out or beat, you can bring up the Machinima app in Snap mode. This starts the Wingman feature, a series of videos that will help players get through games. The clips can be played while in Snap mode or the player can pause the game, watch the tutorial in full screen, and then go back to playing the game.

The app will also present all of the content on the Machinima network, including weekly video series, news and more. It will also support Xbox One SmartGlass so that gamers can keep playing on the console while having a second screen tutorial on their tablet or smartphone. In a press release sent to Neowin, Machinima says that the Xbox One app will "begin to bring enhanced telemetry data to support a richer companion experience overall for users" sometime in 2014. We have no idea what that means and have requested more information, but it sounds interesting.

Source: Machinima on YouTube

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Games are so easy these days who still need a walkthrough ? The last time i used one was for Baldur's Gate 2. Though I remember printing walkthrough from Tilt Magazine on a regular basis to finish Sierra games.

I find many games are so big now that I forget where to find stuff because I don't play them all the time. It can take me months to get through an RPG. The log entry will be like "You found the witch's eyelash, take it back to Thomas" and I have no idea who Thomas is or where to take it.

This is Phucking awesome...i knew i pre-order the right console. Now i Snap walk-through with IE - no more laptop/table in front of me.

Mike Greenway said,
wow, the thing that impresses me most is that there is no posts by haters yet. Nice isn't it.
They'll catch up once they get over the shock of the moment.

That's why I said snap view is one of the best features of win 8. 90% of the time I have something snapped,and being able to do it while gaming is amazing. Lots of potential there,as we are starting to see.

Well this app certainly demonstrates how a robust multitasking platform can be used to improve a gaming experience.

I hope they are able to expand this to all games as they go along.

trooper11 said,
I hope they are able to expand this to all games as they go along.

They who?
I'm pretty sure when the app launches it's able to discern the title you are playing and takes to you to relevant content.
Being that Machinima has a ton of content, expanding to all games is as simple as them keeping up with the updates they are doing today.

That was actually one of the questions in my mind. Can apps pull information from the system such as what game you're playing. Maybe it works like the phone apps where you have to grant specific permissions.

That's what I'm talking about, I hope the Machinima guys are able to build support for all the games they cover for the X1. The video demo focuses on Dead
Rising and doesn't really say that it will work with all games at launch, so maybe they will need a little time to incorporate their other game content.

Its this kind of stuff that's going to set the xbox one apart, the hypervisor based multitasking and smartglass support is something that sony cant compete with (possibly smartglass to a degree, but not the multitasking).