Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack coming April 10

Following the news on Thursday that BioWare plans to "extend" the ending of Mass Effect 3 with a free DLC pack later this summer, the developer and publisher Electronic Arts announced via email that the first DLC pack for the sci-fi RPG will be released on April 10 in the US. The Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack will be a free download for the PC (via EA's Origin service) along with the Xbox 360 and the PS3 ports.

The pack will add quite a bit of new content. It will include two new maps, Firebase Condor and Firebase Hydra. It will also include six new unlockable characters; Asari Justicar Adept, Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard, Batarian Soldier, Batarian Sentinel,Geth Engineer and Geth Infiltrator.

Do you want more? You are getting more. The Resurgence Pack will also add three new weapons for Mass Effect 3; the Striker Assault Rifle, the Kishock Harpoon Gun and the Geth Plasma SMG. Finally, the pack adds some new consumables that will offer your character some bonuses. They include:

  • Strength Enhancer, which applies a melee damage boost for one mission;
  • Targeting VI, which applies a headshot damage bonus for one mission;
  • Stabilization Module, which stabilizes weapons while firing and moving for one mission; and
  • Shield Power Cells, which shortens the length of time shields take to begin recharging for one mission.
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