Microsoft Azure by the numbers

Microsoft revealed some figures about its Azure cloud platform at the company's Worldwide Partner Conference today. The company showed off an impressive list of new features that it has added to the platform over the last twelve months.

And this is just the beginning. Microsoft promises that a whole host of additional features and tools will be added in the weeks and months ahead, with some being announced at WPC in the next few days.

Here are a few other highlights that the company shared about Azure: 

  • 57% of Fortune 500 companies now use Azure 
  • Over 300,000 active websites 
  • More than 30 trillion storage objects
  • 3 million requests per second
  • 13 billion authentications per week 
  • Over a million SQL databases in Azure 
  • 300 million Azure Active Directory users 
  • 1.65 million developers registered with Visual Studio Online 

Microsoft's Scott Guthrie said that there are only three global companies equipped to deal with the scalable demands of business and enterprise in the cloud: Microsoft, Amazon and Google. It plans to differentiate its offering from those of its rivals through the level of enterprise-grade support that it offers, as well as "the unique hybrid capabilities" of Azure that enable Microsoft partners to develop integrated solutions. 

Guthrie also highlighted some of the many partners that have joined Azure in recent months, including some 'unexpected' names, such as Oracle and Salesforce. 

Guthrie was proud to note too that industry analysts Gartner credited Microsoft in its latest survey of cloud providers for being the only vendor to be listed as a leader in all four 'magic quadrants': infrastructure as a service; enterprise application platform as a service; public cloud storage services; and x86 virtualization. 

Images captured from Microsoft WPC 2014 live stream

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Really impressive! Love Azure! :D

P.S. What is going with Neowin today with all these stupid full-page/overlay ads. Ugh!

-adrian- said,
They are even worse on Windows Phone

Actually the ads show on any phone not just Windows. Is Neowin going under or something? I dunno.

And Azure isn't even remotely done.

One thing I have been pointing out is that Azure can be "plugged in" to any version of Windows Server 2012R2 - you don't need a big honking enterprise to leverage Azure. How easy is EC2 to install outside of enterprises? (That is why lashed up with Azure, and why Oracle could no longer ignore it, despite being a launch partner with EC2 - the net Azure casts is way too large to ignore.) Small business is STILL where the majority of "action" is in terms of business growth - not even Dow Jones has said anything different. What I am waiting for is to see if Windows Server can reach into the home network space (that used to be where Windows Home Server targeted) - Windows Server 2012R2 Standard would be a solid product FOR that space, if you can get past what you perceive a server is supposed to be. If it can, then what limits are there?