Microsoft Cuts Vista Price By Over 50% in China

Microsoft has more than halved the retail price of its Vista operating system in China.

The Home Basic edition dropped from $201 (1,521 yuan) to $66, and the Home Premium package dropped from $238 to $118. The move was effective as of Wednesday.

The price cut is the company's latest effort to tackle the rampant software piracy in China, according to The Wall Street Journal. The theory is that if legitimate software costs less, people will be less likely to turn to pirated versions.

Microsoft had sold 60 million Windows Vista licenses globally by the end of June, including 20 million copies sold since mid-May, the company said last month.

News source: c|net

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It must still be very expensive for the Chinese market if you consider their avarage income and undervalued currency.

ricknl said,
It must still be very expensive for the Chinese market if you consider their avarage income and undervalued currency.

Exactly, everyone seems to ignore this fact. They just love to complain.

i've been to a huge technology store in China, this place wasn't for regular people only for the rich. stuff wasn't even that cheap. but even there you couldn't buy legal windows. they only had it in the plastic bags. i don't think people were even considering buying legally to them this was retail.

This is one heck of a strange move. This is saying that piracy makes everything better (cheaper software anyway). However, I not one to complain since I'm a European student and can enjoy nice prices. Who said students have to buy expensive software? (I'm forgetting Autocad on purpose)

Legal licenses of Windows Vista Ultimate for €65 and Office 2007 Enterprise for €60! Right, since it's a download-buy you have no dvd-case of info but who hasn't got a dvd burner, and who needs that way-too-short instruction manual?

Viva la student!

they should offer this for high school and lower students... no normal student forks out those 100+ bucks for a students version of office...
i mean... so many friends have office, every1 actually... every1 having originals?... mmmh hardly..

Glassed Silver:mac

Look at the middle east, russia, and india! its rare to see anyone that got the original Vista.
prices should be cut. even new laptops are coming with Linux instead of Windows OS pre-installed.

:: Lyon :: said,
I guess we can now buy those legitimate Vista in China from eBay lol

It would still be illegal to do that...

japroach said,

It would still be illegal to do that...

And why would that be? If it isn't OEM and hasn't been installed on another machine it becomes a simple licence transfer with associated media. Last time I looked I could do whatever I liked with unused software.

The only lesson I see is.


I'm buying Vista from China.

even if it cost a dollar people wont get vista pc over there are low budget machines and wont run vista well, now lower the price of XP over there and people maybe will get it

They pirate XP too, you know.

It's not so much that the cost of Windows is high, it's just that pirated software is dirt-cheap and everyone loves a bargain.

The popularity of software is all to often in *inverse* proportion to its price (the most popular software is the most expensive). Linux distributions are either completely free or mostly free (the same applies to the BSDs and Solaris, the only no-cost UNIX on the planet). Yet despite increased hardware support (not only by the various Linux distributions, but even by Solaris itself), what operating systems are distributed by the trainload on the p2p networks? Various flavors of Windows, by a rather extreme margin! For that reason, I seriously doubt that piracy has anything to do with price. Piracy has become The New Shoplifting (especially in the developed countries such as within the EU and US), with the additional advantage that it is even less likely the perp will get caught (I know of no recent piracy ring that engaged *only* in Internet distribution of their ill-gotten booty that has been busted in recent years; the groups that have been raided and busted all did something *else* that caught the eyes/ears/noses of the authorities).

Why not a software embargo on countries accused of mass piracy? I don't know what it's called, but surely there's an agency like the RIAA, but for software, that can 'swing a big stick' and threaten sanctions and embargoes. Surely MS, as one of America's most profitable companies, can ask the US government to help keep Chinese authorities cracking down on piracy, which hurts us all?

How come a country that can pretty much control what you THINK, can't even come close to controlling software piracy?

I do not know the truths of the other countries, but in Italy the prices decidedly are sproporzionati here: from HOLDUP!
Here Vista Basic Retail it costs 300 €......
To use pirata Windows nearly is justified or because version more economic OEM, does not sell it singularly and or because they cannot only think that changes PC for having an operating system that all adding is orrible....
Rather step to Linux!

bangbang023 said,
Those admitting to using illegal software will receive a warning. Think before you comment.

Warning for telling The Truth? I think it is good then forum reflects reality and not dreams of Utopian Society. People just must be warned that public admission of sin sometimes can lead to costly redeeming from it.

why companies such as Microsoft don't try and price there software according to the international exchange rate instead of just the us dollar? that way people in other country can stand a chance of buy a legit copy of windows, adobe, office and other software. but since they don't do that then they should consider using open office. it actually descant to use if you can't afford office.

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