Microsoft Fixes Windows Mobile Sync

Microsoft Corp. has fixed a problem that made it difficult for users of the most recent Windows Mobile devices to synch with PCs running Vista. Tuesday night, Microsoft launched Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1, an upgraded version of the software that lets Windows Mobile users manage their phones.

The Mobile Device Center was designed for Vista users as a replacement for ActiveSync, the software that let's PC users synchronize content like calendar items and transfer content like music between their Windows Mobile phones and PCs. However, early users of Windows Mobile 6.0 devices have complained that the Device Center doesn't synch files at all or in some cases it may lose updates to files.

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Good to see, maybe this will fix the issues we had at the office. With the mobile devices we got (XV6700) we had to immediately put on a firmware upgrade to be able to make them work with our Exchange environment. When we pushed the firmware upgrade through a Vista workstation, it wiped the handheld completely, HEHE. Doing the same thing with a Windows XP and Active Sync worked no problem (and also allowed us to successfully flash the mobile device we tried on Vista).

Cool, didn't know about this. I wasn't experiencing any problems, but there's always a chance of a performance upgrade.

Interesting that the moment this completed the install Widows Update asked met to "update" to a version of the Mobile drivers from 2/1. It also shows the "update" from 6/5 which I assume is what I have, but the Recommended one is the earlier software.... MS should fix their redundancy in Windows Update... I don't know if I should download and install those or just ignore them...