Microsoft kicks off Office 2010 Technical Preview

Microsoft has begun sending out invitations to the Office 2010 Technical Preview.

Microsoft is distributing the Office 2010 bits via its Connect testing site. The bits hold the build number 14.0.4006.1110 meaning they are older than the recent "beta" leak. Yesterday Microsoft unveiled Office 2010 and Office Web Applications 2010
at the company's annual Worldwide Partner Conference. It's widely expected that Microsoft will offer a public beta to customers in late August.

In an email to potential testers Microsoft noted that on "Microsoft Connect, you will find downloads available for early, pre-release versions of Microsoft Office 2010 products. You will also find product information and have the chance to participate in newsgroups to engage with our product teams and other program participants. Please note that there is no technical support offered for this program."

Office 2010 promises tighter integration with Windows 7, full Ribbon UI for Outlook and compatibility with Microsoft's forthcoming Office Web Applications. Office Web Applications are not available for testing yet, Microsoft employees are currently "dogfooding" the bits internally and a wider beta should begin at the same time as Office 2010 beta is offered publicly.

Microsoft posted several Office videos yesterday demonstrating the new features of Office 2010. Although Microsoft has not confirmed official pricing, the company hinted that Office 2010 will be released in the first half of next year.

Thanks to Neowin member Bioran23 for the news tip

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Microsoft using Firefox in its web application video... i am glad they finally saw the light.

Curious to see if they make the online version free ... or crippled ?

anyone having issues with Outlook 2010 closing? Mine sits in the tray with a gray icon, when you run the cursor over it, it says closing but never closes. I have to kill the task


Trialing this one as we speak. I can already say that I like it more than 2003 or 2007, as performance has increased dramatically.

I'm using the new Office 2010 too, and I must say that I wasn't expecting anything really new but the slight changes are really great like in PowerPoint, now the transitions and animations looks like truly animations and transitions, they're smooth and nice. Outlook was a surprising application too, the new way email is shown is really neat and useful, as well the use of the ribbon menu. Word is almost the same, some useful additions like insert a screenshot, preview on paste, and many things more. I have only two hours using this Office and I loving it.

Using the office 2010 tech preview now, quite like the new Outlook its different and will take some getting used to but its really good.

Its the program i use the most of

I'll be installing this when I get home. Hopefully, Outlook 2010 is better than that slow, buggy POS known as Outlook 2007. I will gladly upgrade when this is released just to get the hell away from that.

I just got my invite. Debating whether or not to install this on my work laptop - anyone else experience any issues with it?

Also, does anyone know when/if SharePoint Server 2010 will be available? I'd like to start evaluating the new features ASAP

Yeah, the SharePoint Workspace is a rebranding of Groove with deeper SharePoint integration.

What I'm more interested in is whether or not MOSS 2010 will ever be part of the technical preview

Downloading the 64bit version now... Hopefully it's not going to bork my system but hey we'll see.... I see that Microsoft Project is missing, anyone know anything about that?

Got my invite and currently downloading the 64 bit version, my fonts are weird on FTM like the screenshot posted earlier on. Weird.

I downloaded the 32bit version but the installer says something about the language not being correct (the language of this installation system is not supported by your system)...anyone else see this or know what it means? I've downloaded the US English version to use on a machine running US English.

I got invited but it was in my spam folder so check your spam folders for the invite.

Also if you want to install the 64bit version and have office 2007 installed you have to uninstall 2007 to install 2010

Won't allow concurrent 07 and 10? Figures.

Got my invite, but I'm going to review the material before I install. My wife will tell you that this is NOT characteristic behavior for me.

Thunderbuck said,
Won't allow concurrent 07 and 10? Figures.

Got my invite, but I'm going to review the material before I install. My wife will tell you that this is NOT characteristic behavior for me.

This i think is only for the 64 bit version . Just like windows it wont allow you to upgrade a 32bit version with a 64bit version.

Likewise, anyone know the solution?
And I downlaoded it approx. 1 min after I got the email... speeds of 1200 kb/s for the 32-bit and about 200 kb/s for the 64-bit.

Here's hoping I get my actual invite. I got the email about a month ago to take the survey......hopefully I actually get in.

Got my invite this morning. I got a tech preview earlier this year so will be intersting to see the changes. Really wanted to see how the webapplication side works tho.

I can't believe Send & Receive is in different rsection now, more clicks... Very annoying. At least it's possible to customize that.

Also, not sure why they have to add sliding email animation by default, just decreases productivity.

FoxieFoxie said,
Yeah, but it's very tiny.

How is that an issue? It's still there, meaning they haven't made this process require more clicks; which is what you claimed.

got it, downloading from connect, many people have encountered Uninstallation errors with the last leaked office beta.

pikablu0530 said,
I'm having problems uninstalling too...

Anyone figured out a workaround? I'm getting weird logo errors on the office button too

pikablu0530 said,
I'm having problems uninstalling too...

Try putting the LEAKED beta install files into some !short! dir (like "c:x") then run setup.exe and select uninstall.

RealFduch said,
Try putting the LEAKED beta install files into some !short! dir (like "c:x") then run setup.exe and select uninstall.

Didn't get an uninstall option