Microsoft pledges $1.25M in support for Haiti relief aid

Microsoft has confirmed it plans to make an initial commitment of $1.25 million to support the relief efforts in Haiti following a massive 7.0 (on the richter scale) earthquake on January 12.

The software giant is providing support via cash and in-kind contributions and said it will match US based employees donations up to $12,000. It also plans to assist the relief efforts in the following ways:

  • Disaster Response team - Microsoft's team is currently engaging with humanitarian relief organizations to assess how they can make a difference. The Disaster Response team plans how Microsoft's company, people and partners can be mobilized during issues such as Earthquakes - through outreach to lead government, inter-government and non-government agencies involved in leading local and global response efforts.
  • Working with impacted customers and partners to help get critical systems up and running.
  • Helping drive awareness and donations for relief efforts through MSN and Bing.
  • The NetHope Emergency Working Group was activated last night to set up the basic telecommunications communications between the relief agencies operating in the affected areas.
  • The NetHope Haiti Emergency Center (a secure Sharepoint application used by all of the NetHope members) is active and serves as a focal point for all reports, events, contact lists and collaboration.
The scale of destruction and death from this traggic incident is still not fully known. Reports suggest as many as 100,000 may have died as a result of the powerful Earthquake on Tuesday. The US government is sending 3,500 soldiers and 2,200 marines to help with relief efforts and many companies worldwide are also offering donations and aid. There are many ways to help, through donations of your time as a volunteer, and through financial contributions if you wish to do so. Both Neowin and Microsoft invite you to consider supporting the relief organizations who are working in Haiti:

American Red Cross:
Save the Children:
World Vision International:

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Smigit said,
Exactly. Why should they donate...just as a means to good look next to Microsoft? Besides even if they were to donate something to charity theres hundreds of causes they could choose to support.

They should donate simply because they have waaaay more money than they need. Steve Jobs' work is worth a lot, but when some of his revenue can save peoples' lives he should really consider that option too

Kudos to Microsoft. Shows that some companies can come off of some green to support a very needed relief effort. Not to mention that this is truly golden positive PR for them. <-- Yes, you can call me a selfish prick for saying that, but let's face it: it's the truth LOL.

I am donating the proceeds from my games for two days.

I will not post the link is because I'm not donating for publicity.

stevember said,
I am donating the proceeds from my games for two days.

I will not post the link is because I'm not donating for publicity.

Kudos to you as well for doing that. *high 5*

Thank you Microsoft. It certainly will make a positive impact on devastated Haiti. Hope their U.S. employees contribute and that $1.25 mil turns into an even bigger contribution.

Very well done. It's nice when companies realise they have excess money that could be used for a better cause rather than to further themselves.

This is Microsoft in the spirit of Bill Gates.

Now lets see someone make something bad out of this.

Well done microsoft.

"Philanthropy is almost the only virtue which is sufficiently appreciated by mankind." - Thoreau. For those of you wanting to talk crap. America and this hemisphere owe a great debt to Haiti. Haiti fought Napoleon's Army to a stand still, not only winning their independence but making it possible for the United States to do The Louisiana Purchase which added fourteen states to the United States. Simon Bolivar who is sometimes called the George Washington of South America and during "his lowest hours, when he had nowhere else to turn for succor, Simon Bolivar twice landed on Haiti, and was on each occasion re-supplied, re-armed and rejuvenated. Without the aide Bolivar received from Haiti his quest for independence from Spain would have been a much prolonged, more bloody affair than it was." So you see we many of us today breathing free owe a great debt to that nation.

Are you aware people on Haiti have no water, food, place to sleep, etc? They've lost everything. Some people might be dead, but there are a lot who are alive that need help.

Good on Microsoft... But do they need a load of software licenses and media kits (the usual form of Microsoft's charitable donations). Unfortunately Haiti is a basket case, sitting just off the coast of what was the world's richest nation. First Haiti needs organization, something they've never had. Aid distribution will be very slow, and as effective as New Orleans after Katrina. My heart goes out to them, but there are 7 billion people on this planet, the UN (and Bill Gates) would like to see that reduced to 1 billion!

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