Microsoft: Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone is coming

Hopefully, Windows Phone devices like the Nokia Lumia 1020 will get a Remote Desktop app from Microsoft.

This week, Microsoft released Remote Desktop apps for iOS, Android and Mac platforms designed to connect to a PC using Windows Server 2012 R2. They join the previously released Remote Desktop app for Windows 8. However, the company has not released such an app for Windows Phone. When Neowin inquired about that issue last week to Microsoft, we were given the following statement: "We are always looking at additional services based on what we hear from our customers. We have nothing to share at this time."

Now it seems that stance has changed. The Next Web reports that, when they contacted Microsoft on the matter, they were told, "Remote desktop on phones is a relatively rare usage scenario. That said, we are working on a version of the app for Windows Phone. We’ll be able to share timeframe at a later point in time."

It's possible that one of the main reasons why Windows Phone was not included in this week's launches was because Microsoft basically paid another company for the rights to their own Remote Desktop apps. As we reported a few days ago, Microsoft confirmed to Neowin that it had acquired certain assets of HLW Software, which had previously launched its own iTap Remote Desktop software for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac platforms. HLW Software has since removed those iTap apps from those download stores.

In other words, Microsoft could quickly launch the apps for iOS, Android and Mac because they had already been made by HLW Software. Making a Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone, however, will likely be done in-house at Microsoft and thus will take more time to complete and release.

Source: The Next Web

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Remote Desktop for phones are a very uncommon use but definitely nice to haves for emergencies (and I guess workaholics lol). I'm sure they can easily just port the awesome Win8 Remote Desktop app.

Its just another feature that MS thought was useless on the windows mobile > windows phone rewrite, and now they seem to have released that it was actually useful, but only after releasing apps for competing platforms.

WP vs Other Platforms - NO...

These releases were about filling a void in the Android and iOS TABLET ecosystems, as Remote Desktop already ships on Windows 8 tablets.

Thus in reality, Windows had official Microsoft Tablet Remote Desktop Clients YEARS before iOS or Android.

The fact that the release works on Android Phones and iPhones is a side effect of the goal and filling the void in the Android and iPad tablet markets.

As for Remote Desktop on WP, there are several good Apps already using Microsoft licensing.

Some are strict and efficient RDP clients like ConnectME and specific server clients from Citrix. Others are more general 'screen' viewing Remote Desktop technologies like SplashTop, which does full 3D realtime streaming - including DirectX games.

If anyone didn't already notice, Microsoft demonstrated Halo 4 running on WP just a few weeks ago, and this is using a variation of Microsoft RemoteFX technologies for Xbox on the server with a RemoteFX/RDP client designed for gaming.

Everyone screaming that Microsoft has abandoned WP just doesn't get that this release was to catch up Android and iPad tablets to Windows 8 tablets.

Using Remote Desktop on the phone may be somewhat uncommon, even for me. But, I do rely on it at critical times because my phone is the one device I'm never without.

Remote Desktop is an integral piece of the Windows ecosystem, and Microsoft shouldn't have just left it up to third parties to develop an app like this.

Doesn't matter if the apps for iOS and Android were basically already ready. Not releasing a similar app on YOUR OWN PLATFORM just looks terrible and is exactly what is wrong with Microsoft.

Don't worry, as a developer I completely understand MS. WP is always an afterthought that you develop for when the other platforms are done

I would guess because the Windows phone is the subject, so it can't be the camera. Probably using some old phone they have kicking around the bottom of their junk drawer.

Yeah I find that annoying too... all other sites use great high-res photos (their own not just press renders)... this site looks like someone took pics of it using an iPhone/Android/old WP phone

Been using TeamViewer, but if they release an app that I can use to connect to my webcam and desktop, then I look forward to it.