Microsoft requesting beta testers for games

Forum user -Alex- gave us a heads up in Neowin Back Page News that Microsoft is requesting beta testers via a somewhat vague e-mail. The e-mail requests that participants fill out a survey, which they will use to pick the best beta testers for the job. Judging from the survey itself, Microsoft could be looking to test out new games on an array of devices, including the PC, Xbox, and even Zunes and mobile phones. No guarantees, of course, but this looks like it'll turn out some interesting results. Click "Read More" for more info and a copy of the e-mail that was sent out.

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The email:

Dear Microsoft Game Studios Beta Tester,

We are gearing up for a year of great betas. To prepare for these upcoming betas we have a new survey on the beta website. Please follow this link to access the new survey: Survey. We will be using this new survey to select participants for our betas. If you do not complete this new survey, you will not be able to participate! But don't worry, the survey is quick and painless.

Remember, we are always looking for all types of game players. Whether you play once a year or every day, whether you pre-order the latest consoles or wouldn't think of paying for a game - we want feedback from you! If you know of someone who would be interested in participating in the Microsoft Game Studios Beta program, please feel free to forward this mail or direct them to:

Questions? Please contact: Microsoft Games Studios Beta Program Administrator


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Like a lot of people here, I filled out one like this ages ago and got no response. Filled out this one, though, you never know ;D

I lied about being employed in the games industry though, figure Microsoft would be less likely to let someone who works for a potential rival (even though we're not, but they don't know that) beta test anything.

The MGS has been openly available on Connect for months. This is just a redesign of the original survey, prompting everyone to fill it out again since they are going to pick testers based on the new survey. Probably to weed out older testers who don't actually do anything as well.

@ Budious
There is a question on the survey about owning a PS3, so it's worth a shot right? haha Worst that could happen is you don't get anything to test :-P

There signed up again! (signed up originally ages ago) oh well, probally never be contacted to test anything but I can dream :P

Hell would have to freeze over for me to beta test a MGS title on PS3 I suppose... guess I won't bother signing up then :P

IF you filled out a survey before you have to do it again since this is a new one. I got this email today and filled it out right away.