Microsoft Security Updates: March 2007

Microsoft has just posted their security patch bulletin for the month of March. There are no security related updates to worry about this month, so all you sysadmins out there can rest easy. Microsoft did post 6 non-security related updates to SUS/MSUS and Microsoft/Windows Update.

Microsoft also released Service Pack 2 for Windows Server 2003 today. That along with all other updates for your computer can be found on Microsoft/Windows Update.

The next scheduled 'Patch Tuesday' is April 10th.

View: Windows Update | Microsoft Update
View: Microsoft Security Bulletin: March 2007

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They released the first three updates mentioned above for Vista as well plus one for Vista (KB932246) which is supposed to fix some compatibility issues. Also for the Ultimate users, new Dreamscene content (52MB) is available. I am downloading it now

Max2Go said,
Will Service Pack 2 for Windows XP Pro x64 will be out soon ??? 10x

It's already out:

* Windows Server 2003, x64 Editions
* Windows Server 2003 R2, x64 Editions
* Windows Server 2003 Compute Cluster Edition with Service Pack 1
* Windows Server 2003 Storage Server R2, x64 Editions
*Windows XP Professional, x64 Edition


I'm not sure all us System Administrators can rest too easy, with Service Pack 2 for Server out now, that will cause some fun ;)

Now I get to start calling clients and telling them I need to come out and do updates

these are all the updates i had available today

Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - March 2007 (KB890830)
Update for Outlook 2007 Junk Email Filter (KB931766)
Update for Windows Media Format 11 SDK for Windows XP (KB929399)

Update for Windows XP (KB929338 )
This is a reliability update. Install this update to improve the stability of computers running Windows XP. This update prevents some Stop 0x1a or Stop 0x0a errors. After you install this item, you will have to restart your computer.