Microsoft streaming season premiere of 'Game of Thrones' free on Xbox Video

HBO's "Game of Thrones" has become a pop culture phenomenon, though the company's streaming service, HBO Go, has faced difficulties keeping up. For those who encountered issues with the season four premiere, however, fret not: the episode will be available for free on Xbox Video today.

The episode isn't up yet, but Microsoft's official Entertainment for Xbox account on Twitter states it will be released sometime today. The episode will be free to stream until Monday, when it will then cost money to stream or download.

According to Variety, the episode will also be made available for free on-demand to cable and satellite subscribers during the same period. Variety claims the premiere is on track to become the most pirated TV episode ever, though HBO claims the arrangement with Microsoft had been made well in advance of the episode's air date.

Source: Entertainment for Xbox (Twitter) | Image via HBO

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No HBO GO? We've got you covered.

LOL. I think the bay's got more people covered than services like Sky Atlantic or XBox.

Microsoft really needs to step it up with Xbox Music and Xbox Video. They never really advertise them. And there are so many limitations in these products that just don't exist in the Apple and Amazon and other alternatives out there.

warwagon said,
By Free, they probably mean Free if you have gold account.

Its for Xbox Video, not the X1. That means Xbox Video on the pc, phone, or console.

Not really microsoft fault though its licencing issues. The owner of said video cant just show it anywhere they want they require licencing and its different for every region and they are only licensed to show it in the US right now so MS has to follow. Blame your country.