Microsoft talks about porting apps and sites to Windows 8

If you are an app developer and have been curious about working on this new platform called Windows 8, you might want to check out a recent blog post from Microsoft developer evangelist Jennifer Marsman. The post has a number of links to official Microsoft resources that give hints to developers who want to port their existing applications and websites to Windows 8.

Marsman says in the post:

I’ve talked to many developers who are excited about Metro app development, but say that the hardest part is coming up with an app idea.  Some folks want to walk through converting an existing app to Metro as a learning exercise.  There are other folks who have very successful websites or apps that they would like to make available on Windows 8 too.

The links include hints about porting the design of an iPad app to Windows 8, along with porting the design of an existing website to the new OS. In the latter resource link, Microsoft uses a fictional food truck website as an example of how to port the design to work in Windows 8's Metro touch screen interface. The blog also has links to migrate the programming of a web app and a website to Windows 8.

For the iPad article, Microsoft uses the example of porting the design of a photo journal app to Windows 8 and the Metro UI. There are also links to help port existing Windows Phone 7 apps, in both XAML and JavaScript versions, to Windows 8.

Via: WindowsITPro
Source: Microsoft blog site | Images via Microsoft

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For website, i love the Metro design, is plain and easy to work with it, no image, no round border, just a plain background and nothing more.

I like my blog to use all the latest technology, so I'll probably end up getting Win 8 support too, but It'll be a bitch, not knowing how to code anything lawl

The truth is that I don't expect many people to "port" anything substantive to Metro. Microsoft have had a habit of introducing a new language/paradigm every couple of years (e.g. active desktop, .Net, etc.) and most of the programmers I know are taking a wait and see attitude with Metro.

I really hope the developers really focus on making some great quality apps for this platform. Windows 8 will be made or broken by the apps.

TCLN Ryster said,
I really hope the developers really focus on making some great quality apps for this platform. Windows 8 will be made or broken by the apps.

Absolutely, and there are a lot of cases where Metro apps aren't going to meet the needs of the program as well.

I really only care that it's an x86 tablet that I can run real applications on and do real work (and play) on.

I own an iPad and it's just a big toy. Everything on it is just low-grade Flash-type applications and that's all I really expect from Metro to be honest.

The iPad is good for traveling, but so far, that's about it.