Microsoft's Lumia 830 breaks cover in new images

Microsoft's Lumia line of phones make up the largest piece of the market share pie and that's because Nokia's mobility division, before it was bought by Microsoft, was putting out new hardware at a rapid rate.

That trend is still alive after the Microsoft acquisition as you can see the Lumia 830, according to the source, in the leaked photos above. The device appears to have similar lines to that of the Lumia Icon (929) and could be sporting a combination of aluminum and plastic. Based on the images, it's hard to tell the profile of the device is but Nokia's phones aren't generally known to be svelte when it comes to their girth.

As with all hardware coming out of the remains of Nokia, we expect this device to have impeccable build quality, and given its position in the Lumia range, a reasonably high-resolution camera sensor seems likely. The back of the device features a similar look to that of the 1020 but it does not appear to have the same camera.

As with all new Windows Phones, expect this device to ship with Windows Phone 8.1. While there is no information on when this phone might go on-sale, seeing that it is already being assembled and coming off the assembly line, we shouldn't have to wait all that long to learn more about the device.

Source and Image Credit: WPdang

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I'm waiting for the flagship phone and hope it ships in November... I want a great camera, glance screen, a thin & light form-factor that feels good in the hand AND the pocket, and just basically for it to be brag-worthy. I don't want it to be too big though.

My contract on my 920 is up (I've loved this phone, and think it looks and feels great) and I need a good replacement. The 930 just doesn't wow me, and doesn't seem like it's coming to the US on AT&T anyway.

If it is an 830, Microsoft better put in a decent battery this time. That was the only shortcoming of the 820 for me.

Why would you say that?

830 or 730, I'm really getting tired of waiting. I want a sensibly priced, mid-range WP lumia with 1 GB RAM and a 1280x720 display; don't care much about camera quality. Move it, MS.

Agreed. While they've been flooding the low end, and niche high end...their mid-range has been sitting still for 18 months now.