Microsoft's Halo 4 London launch event had huge flying glyph

You know that London hosted the 2012 Summer Olympics a few months ago, right? Well, that was apparently nothing compared to tonight's launch event in the UK city for Microsoft's Xbox 360 game Halo 4. The company celebrated the launch of the latest game in the sci-fi shooter series with a massive flying glyph over the city.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb posted up an image of the Halo 4 glyph on his SkyDrive account hovering, with the help of a helicopter, over Tower Bridge. It is 50 feet across and, according to Microsoft, happens to be one of the largest and brightest man made structures ever to fly over a major capital city.

The Baynesmedia YouTube page also has a video of the Halo 4 glyph flying over London. We suspect that more than a few people thought we were being invaded for a few minutes after seeing this thing fly over.

Last week, Microsoft turned parts of the small country of Liechtenstein into locations that resemble those found in Halo 4. Microsoft says that thousands of stores in the US will be open at midnight in their time zones tonight to start selling Halo 4. You can go ahead and check out Neowin's own review of the game's single player campaign.

Source: Larry Hryb on SkyDrive | Image via Microsoft

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So I was in line last night for the midnight launch and this late 20s guy, I'm 28 btw was in front of me and was with 2 girls. And all he was doing the whole time was calling all the people in line geeks and nerds. He apparently overlooked the fact that he was in line too for the same damn game. So as he walked out of the store with his game and extra merchandise and his stupid smile, I started to give him the slow clap. He quickly got into his charger and sped off.

darkpuma said,
If only they would make it for the PC....
I really don't understand why they don't, so many people would buy it.

And so many more would pirate it

Jose_49 said,

And so many more would pirate it
To be honest with you, I think the people that pirate games are people that have no intention of ever buying it, so it doesn't really equate to lost sales.
Like movies... I used to download tons of movies. If this had been impossible, would I have gone and seen them in theatres? No. The ones i thought were worthwhile to go and see in the theatres, i went and did just that.

So - even if tons of people pirated it, it wouldn't mean lost money. They would still make all the extra money (that they wont make now) from the million people that would have bought it.

Brando212 said,
your loss, it sounds like 343i put a lot more love in the game than Bungie ever did

yup, haters gonna hate... but this seems to be the best halo game yet.
Oh, and it is completely worth it, more so than that Call of duty.

ArialBlue said,
I am still not playing it.

Got my copy early today .

It's been a great game. For long Halo fans it will take a little time to adapt to the new strategy of the game, which is great! It feels a lot more dynamic than before and more fun since there is always a good variety of weapons going on around the map.

Has a few skirmishes which I know 343 will get on good track tomorrow or on the next months. This little details are the low range of Matchmaking game types

P.S: The instant respawn does not kill the flow of the game: It makes it more dynamic, but not impossible and irritating

ArialBlue said,
I am still not playing it.

no one's forcing you to....
And I wouldn't want to play with you anyways if you're so against the franchise.