More details revealed for the Andy Pad

Earlier, we reported on a new Android tablet coming to the market this September. It's called the "Andy Pad" and it aims to bridge the gap between the expensive tablets, like the Motorola Xoom, and the cheaper tablets that are pretty low quality.

Whattabletpc has managed to get a lead on how the device is shaping up. Here's the specs as they currently stand, but note that they may change before the device is released -

  • 7-inch white tablet – a size suited to a jacket pocket
  • 5-point multi-touch screen – it’s a resistive screen so less responsive than a capacitive screen but that allows them to get to the low price point and we’re informed it’s a decent quality resistive screen
  • Running Android 2.3 so not the latest Android Honeycomb operating system but still a recent Android update
  • 1.2GHz A8 Processor with 256MB RAM
  • HD output at 1080p – capable of playing high definition video
  • Flash support so you can watch web videos delivered using this technology
  • 8GB (TBC) internal memory for storing apps, games, music and video
  • SD card reader for extending the internal memory
  • Mini-USB port
  • Front-facing camera for video chat
  • Accelerometer and G-sensor so that the tablet will react to movement during gaming to control the on-screen action
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

The specifications are pretty impressive, considering the asking price is just £129. Although it may have a resistive touch screen and only 256MB of RAM, the device certainly seems to contain a fair amount of oomph to make the tradeoff worthwhile.

However, should you be set on a capacitive screen and 512MB of RAM, all is not lost, either. Although it's currently a rumour and subject to change, the Andy Pad guys are hoping to produce a slightly higher spec model, complete with capacitive screen, half a gig of RAM and a faster processor for £40 more. That gives you a pretty top-spec device for about £170.

It should be noted, though, that the Andy Pad team were quick to pop out a disclaimer shortly after the article went live -

"A lot of talk about possible AndyPad specs today. Please wait until our official announcement of further specs before jumping at rumours! ;)"

Neowin will be keeping an eye on the Andy Pad in the future, so expect to hear more news and a full review soon!

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256MB of RAM on andriod is terrible. I've yet to see a tablet with that amount of RAM that isn't struggling to open applications or even perform basic UI animations fluidly.

Nook Color: 512MB with Capacitive touchscreen for $249 new, $199 used/refurb, overclocks to 1.2 GHz. Huge community and very well-supported. They've already sold MILLIONS.

I thought this "Andy Pad" was supposed to be super-awesome new thing at a rock-bottom price. Right now it looks just *slightly* better, for around the same cost as the Nook Color. If they are as common and well-supported as the Nook Color, then I guess it would be worth getting one.

Community support is probably the most important. How well does CyanogenMod run on it?

512MB with Capacitive screen for only £170? I'd much rather go with this version to be honest! That's still an amazingly good price.

If it wasn't for copyright infringements I would love to see someone build the Maxxi Pad running Android - it would of course have to have a larger screen

If it translates exactly into USD, $183 (lower end) or $240 (higher end) is decent. Though the Archos Arnova is only $99, but has lesser specs...

yowan said,
Only 256MB of RAM? I should have at least 1GB

Going to be a lot of tradeoffs in price versus performance. The thing is dirt "cheap" for a tablet, wouldn't expect a whole lot out of it at that price.