MSI announces AMD Barcelona motherboard

Micro-Star International (MSI) has announced the K9NU Speedster motherboard and P1-106 server barebone, which support the recently launched AMD Quad-Core Opteron processors (Barcelona).

Paired with the Nvidia nForce 3400 chipset, the K9NU-Speedster motherboard and P1-106 server barebone focus on the entry-level server market, supporting one Quad-Core Opteron 2200 series processor. The Nvidia nForce Pro 3400 supports 1GHz HyperTransport in full-duplex mode giving a bi-directional throughput that can reach 8GB/s to reduce bottlenecks. The K9NU-Speedster also provides a maximum memory bandwidth up to 8.5GB/s (DDR2-533) or 10.5GB/s (DDR2-667), according to MSI.

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News source: DigiTimes

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Well keep in mind opteron's are mostly intended for servers and servers usually go with ECC memory modules which are usually slower than non-ECC ones.

Croquant said,
Try DDR3-1066. AMD is way behind.

"The K9NU-Speedster motherboard and P1-106 Server barebone provide eight DIMMs supporting a maximum 32GB DDR2 533/667 memory."

The focus is on quantity, you won't find any boards with 8 slots and 32GB support at DDR2-1066.