NeowINDEX 2007 is here!

Team coverage of NeowINDEX 2007 has begun. Check out our events and regular staff blogs for the latest news, pictures and other craziness from both Chicago and Amsterdam.

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Darts? Or ballroom dancing? You decide.

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Can you guys change the front page picture now? lol I wouldn't mind if the Picture was good but it's taken at such a strange angle it's annoying to see :P

Whoot... I cannot remember the last time I seen a picture of Mr. Parker, have you put on a little bit of weight or is it the camera angle. :confused:

Euopran largers are great

I dunno what was happening in the USA Shane but you don't look half as drunk as I was last night. Apparently I was even dancing to Take That!!

Just had a great idea, well what i think is a great one ;), all the staff should have pics of themselves done like microsoft employee style :cool:

edit: forgot to add, it'd be mint

digitalsoft said,
my god its a tad annoying seeing neobond's ugly mug everytime i visit the main page lol :wacko:

hum... and i now wish today,,,we get some sexy mug with a lusty pose looking at some apple product... common neobond ..... you can do it.

ugh I just woke up from some sort of bad dream :P

Was a good laugh yesterday, hopefully there will be no compromising photos taken of me today :P

Neobond said,
hopefully there will be no compromising photos taken of me today :P

:( ...... there goes my wish


What makes NEOwindex so much better than just plain old Windex? Can I huff it just as quickly? How about its cleaning power? Does it cut through the tough caked on grease? :cheeky:

Hi! I'm Barry Scott! And with new Cillit Bang, you too can have the cleaning power of Neowindex in YOUR wash!

lol @ the pic of neobond lol. Someone really should have edited the photo before it was uploaded lol.

Hope you guys have a good time, and hopefully in a few years I'll be joining you lol

I cannot remember when last I've seen in a photo in a news post? Today there are two!! Perhaps someone could enlighten me! It is a rather "funny" picture I must say!