New way to browse Xbox LIVE Arcade, "Destination Arcade"

Xbox’s Major Nelson has just announced a new way to browse the Xbox LIVE Arcade games, named Destination Arcade. The need for this new front end for the Xbox's discovery of Arcade games arose because there are now over 300 Xbox live Arcade games and the current user interface for browsing games isn’t suited for efficient browsing of that many titles.

Destination Arcade

The new storefront will allow users to browse games in the new “easy-to-use visual browser” which will feature new ways to sort titles "by price, community rating and more." This new browser and its features should allow users to discover new Arcade games and additional content. A news feed will also debut in this browser, allowing users to see new titles easily and will tie in with Xbox LIVE to show games that a user’s friends like and recommend.

New browser of Desintation Arcade

This new browser for the Xbox LIVE Arcade may be only available in the US at launch and is “coming soon”. You can see some more images of the browser on Major Nelson's Flickr page.

The newly designed Xbox 360 S is scheduled to go on sale later this month in countries outside of the United States. It will be interesting to see how long it takes for Destination Arcade to appear on consoles around the world. Currently, there is no word on when Destination Arcade might be available outside of the US. There is a lot happening over the coming months for Xbox, including the launch of Kinect on November 4th and Xbox LIVE appearing on Microsoft’s new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.

There are currently 25 million Xbox LIVE subscribers around the world and it is thought over 70% of these users access Xbox LIVE Arcade in a year. This new way to browse Arcade games might be well needed and Microsoft will be hoping that it is well received by users.  

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I don't know why everyone is complaining about US only content.
Yes, I live in Canada and cannot take advantage of a lot of the features. Do I blame Microsoft?
I blame my national government and regulatory bodies. They are the the reason microsoft cannot profit off me with the new features and content.
I'm sure my government is just trying to protect me.

Do your research and make sure it's not your own governments policies that are preventing Microsoft from launching these features in your nation.

The design is inconsistent with the current XBox 360 UI, but never mind that -- this "Destination Arcade" UI simply looks like WinAmp and it wants to be redesigned.

It's crap.

Old school is a nice change, but i dont know how its going to feel with the user interface.

Hope its not exclusive just to the US.

What's the point in it being US only. ****ing stupid MS marketing dept.
I guess it could be short term high demand on the servers...but still!

acnpt said,
What's the point in it being US only. ****ing stupid MS marketing dept.
I guess it could be short term high demand on the servers...but still!
Why is it stupid? have you forgotten MS is an American company? it's called looking after your home territory. All companies do this, they release new things in their home terf first and it's it catches on, they might release it in others. I'm more then happy for the US to be the guinea pigs and if it works out well, I'll look forward for it to be rolled out in other countries I'm not from the US btw, I'm Aussie so who knows when we will see this

Quigley Guy said,
Looks kinda clunky

It does look clunky... I dunno. I'd have to use it to see if it works, but it doesn't really look that great.